Just bumps on a hill

The Lady of the House and I were on the road for our October vacation.

We had visited family in Socorro. Our next stop was Tombstone, Ariz.; where Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday once walked, a sun-blasted desert burg that boasts that it is “The Town Too Tough to Die.”

Grant McGee

Grant McGee

“Just three hours away,” I said.

“Practically a hop, skip and a jump,” said The Lady of the House.

“We’ll take our time in the morning,” said The Lady of the House. “We’ll have some breakfast, do a little shopping, then off to Tombstone. I’ll be soaking in that hotel hot tub before you can say, ‘Jack Robinson.’”

After a casual morning in Socorro we hit the highway.

“Tombstone here we come,” proclaimed The Lady of the House.

An hour down the interstate I realized I had made a mistake. A quick jaunt of three hours would instead be a six-hour, sun-drenched journey.

The Lady of the House was not amused.

I decided I’d entertain her with what I knew of the area.

“Look,” I said pointing out the window. “See those three hills? They call those ‘The Three Sisters.’”

“Yes,” said The Lady of the House. “I see the bumps.”

More asphalt, yucca and mesquite rolled by.

“Look,” I said. “Animas Peak. And Animas once had the winningest 6-man football team in the state.”

“Yes,” said The Lady of the House. “I see that bump, too.”

Then we rolled into Arizona.

“Look,” I said pointing out the windshield, still trying to cheer her up. “That peak is called ‘Dos Cabezas.’ It means ‘two heads’ in Spanish.

“More bumps on a hill,” said The Lady of the House.

Finally the rhythm of the interstate and baked terrain won out and she dozed off.

About an hour later we pulled into Tombstone and stopped at the hotel.

“We’re here,” I said, gently waking The Lady of the House.

“Jack Robinson,” she said. “Now where’s my hot tub?”

Grant McGee is a long-time broadcaster and former truck driver who rides bicycles and likes to talk about his many adventures on the road of life. Contact him at: bikedude@plateautel.net.

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