My Turn: Adulthood is Terrible

I became homesick this weekend when speaking with a friend who I had mentioned in a September My Turn. The consensus of the whole conversation is that adulthood is terrible and we’d much rather go back to being children.

It was unfortunate that tragedy was the reason we were speaking again. She had sent me a text message earlier in the week telling me her mother died.

Given our bond, I didn’t want to give her the typical condolences, I wanted to be there with her, but life isn’t that easy or convenient.

I was surprised she called me a couple of days later.

I was hoping she would have read my column when it ran and had contacted me then. A friend of mine here told me her friend in Albuquerque read it and it encouraged them to reconnect. I’m glad it benefited someone.

When I had my friend on the phone this weekend, there was no bad blood between us. The long period of time we didn’t talk was addressed, and then we laughed about all the trouble we used to get into, what we still want to do with our lives and why our bodies can no longer endure junk food. I didn’t want the two-hour conversation to end.

We promised we would talk at least once a month now and hopefully a visit while I’m home for Christmas. Realistically we want to reach that goal, but I remembered while adults too often break promises, kids don’t.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.

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