Creator’s best work is … us?

Most of you are familiar with theories about the universe being fine-tuned for human existence.

The dynamics are too numerous and complex to encapsulate here, but a few examples from varied sources include:

• If gravity were slightly weaker, it would not squeeze the sun’s core enough to ignite nuclear reactions needed for life-generating sunlight; if slightly stronger, the sun would have burned out before complex life on Earth evolved.

• Neutrons are 1.00137841870 times heavier than protons, allowing them to decay into protons, electrons and neutrinos. If the neutron-to-proton ratio was slightly different, our universe would have too much helium — causing stars to burn out before they could develop the right mixture of carbon, oxygen and nitrogen for life to evolve.

• Our sun is the right mass for life to evolve on Earth — larger and there would be too much radiation; smaller and it would not produce enough heat; farther or closer and water would freeze or evaporate. Earth’s size, axial tilt, magnetic field, thickness of crust, rate of tectonic and volcanic activity, distance from its moon, etc., are just right.

Some attribute this fine-tuning to God. Of course, that begs the question of what is God and what created God (not to mention whose God).

Others say if conditions had not existed for one-cell life to develop and evolve, along with the environment, into complex life billions of years later, we would not be here to speculate about fine-tuning.

We could simply be the product of a natural-forces dice roll in our tiny backwater, neither inferior nor superior to other life-forms created elsewhere by never-ending dice rolls in an endless universe (or universes).

If humans — with our puny bodies, irrational minds and brutish behavior — are the crown of creation, someone has some explaining to do.


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