Meetings Watch — Roosevelt County Commission, Nov. 6

Roosevelt County commissioners took the follow actions at Tuesday’s meeting:

• Adopted Ordinance 2014-01 authorizing the issuance and sale of Roosevelt County taxable industrial revenue bonds, worth up to $430 million for the Roosevelt Wind Project. The commission also approved the lease agreement between the county and Roosevelt Wind Project, LLC that will pay a $700,000 per year flat rate to Roosevelt County and the Dora and Elida school districts. Sixty-three percent, or about $441,000, will go to the county while the rest will be split between the school districts, depending on how many turbines end up in each town’s limits.

• Denied a request from the Portales City Council to fund a portion of the Family Entertainment Center feasibility study. The commission decided that the funds that would be used (around $10,000) for this study are needed elsewhere.

• The commission appointed Rick Leal as its member to the Ute Water Commission and appointed Jake Lopez as the alternate.

• Approved a vehicle purchase request from Sheriff Darren Hooker for a new K-9 vehicle. The vehicle will cost a little more than $35,000, which will be split between the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Department and the county. The exact amounts were not set. The current vehicle needs a new engine.

• Approved a recommendation from the Road Viewer Committee to close North Roosevelt Road 1 and North Roosevelt Road A. The Road Viewer Committee acknowledged the likelihood of vandalism on this road.

• Approved a New Mexico Department of Health vehicle purchase application for the Arch Volunteer Fire Department. The Arch FD needs a new ambulance, which will cost $119,000. The State of New Mexico will fund 75 percent of the costs, so the total costs for Arch FD will be just under $30,000.

• Approved a New Mexico Department of Health local system improvement project application for the Arch Volunteer Fire Department. The Arch FD will be purchasing a new gurney, which will cost $13,600. The Arch FD will contribute $1,300 and the rest will be paid by the EMS Fund Act.

• The board rejected offers for a caliche bid, and will instead put it out for re-bid. The county approved the updated specifications for crushed caliche, which is why the re-bid will need to be put out.


— Compiled by PNT staff writer Eric Norwood

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