My Turn — With friendly neighbors, you’re never lost

I want to give credit to our elderly and those who remember a time before the GPS. I have a horrible sense of direction and can’t read a map to save my life.

I attempted to find a house in Causey last week using Google Maps.

Christina Calloway

Christina Calloway

The person’s home, which was nearly 40 minutes from town, was a red brick home. I figured I arrived when I saw a red brick home and so I pulled into the driveway.

People in rural New Mexico sure are friendly because if I lived in the only house for miles, I’d be suspicious of a stranger coming to my door.

But for Pat Terral, that was not the case. She was quite a character, telling me she was as “naked as a jaybird” when I knocked on her door and would have answered sooner. I explained to her who I was looking for, how I became lost, and how I couldn’t call them because I had no cell service. She let me use her phone to contact my interviewees.

Hard of hearing, Terral’s TV was two volumes too high and I had to speak loudly. Even though I didn’t know her from a stranger, there was something about her that made it easy to talk to her. She reminded me of my grandmother with her sense of humor.

She waited with me until my interviewee came to get me.

Here’s to wishing all strangers I meet have her kind and humorous spirit.


Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.

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