Photos are great; being there is best

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

It’s quite astonishing that a person who loves words, loves to know their origins, and who truly enjoys perusing the dictionary just to find new ones, could live half a century speaking this language before making such a startling discovery.

Why in the world I never realized this before is a mystery to me. We all know that if you put “tion” on the end of a word you’ve expounded on its meaning. You plan to relax, you get relaxation. Confirm something, you have confirmation.

And just the other day it occurred to me… you want to vacate, you get a vacation.

Oh, how I love to vacate. Vacate the typical premises. Vacate the petty problems that swirl around in the drama called life. Vacate the mundane and on-going chores. Vacate the same old meals.

Traveling only a handful of miles qualifies. Thousands of miles enhance this experience a thousand-fold. Books and photos can do marvelous wonders in transporting our minds when physical travel isn’t possible.

Plan that road trip. Dig out the old National Geographic magazines. Turn the channel to find some grand destination. Buy new ingredients and make a feast from a foreign land. Give yourself a vacation.

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