Global warming another ruse by heavy-handed government

Global warming another ruse by heavy-handed government

Regarding the Nov. 3 PNT article headlined “Warming report sees violent, poorer future,” by Seth Borenstein of The Associated Press:

I cannot imagine anyone buying into this piece of hogwash. This article speaks of man-made global warming.

Anyone who is concerned about what mere man can do to influence warming of our planet should go online and google up “volcanoes.” On a daily basis, there are hundreds of volcanic eruptions, spewing smoke and ash into our atmosphere.

Just one of these eruptions can emit significantly more impurities into our sky than man is able to do with our cars, trucks and evil coal-fired generating plants.

As to the so called “ice melt,” once again — hoot!

The Antarctic sea is larger than ever. Over millions of square miles. Global warming from man is all a case or rather a ruse for more and more government decisions being made for poor old gullible Joe Sap, i.e., you and me.

I sincerely hope we can wake up and smell the roses because the stench that is blowing this way from Washington is certainly not an aroma from a rose.

Charles May


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