My turn: Wouldn’t trade my family for anything

I have the kind of family that when I call home, everyone jumps on the phone.

I mean it makes sense. They don’t see me but once a year, so they all wrestle to the phone to wish me well.

Even with all the technology we have, I don’t communicate with many of them as much as I should but I know the love is there.

Christina Calloway

Christina Calloway

Here are some of the character traits of the family members I speak with on the phone:

• My mother wishes she could protect me from any kind of pain and sorrow. Sometimes I think it hurts her more than it hurts me when I have a bad day. She’d let me come back home without question, but I’ve already flown the nest.

• My father is the tough-love type who tells me I’ll figure it out. It’s nice to know he has that confidence in me, but it wouldn’t hurt to let me cry once in a while.

• My brother, who turned 30 on Friday, which is why I called, is the sensible one. He’s a mixture of my parents. He’ll let me vent, then try to help me figure out how to get out of my rut.

• My maternal grandmother is eccentric, always cracking jokes but giving me motivational speeches.

• My uncle thinks it’s funny to make jokes about my dog no longer being there and anything else to get a rise out of me.

Yup, that’s my family and I wouldn’t trade them.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.

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