Going back on tour

by Eric Norwood Jr.

PNT staff writer


Get the tour bus ready, because the band is hitting the road. Or in the case of the Portales High School Band, get the school bus ready.

The Ram Band is gearing up for its Elementary Tour, to take place Tuesday. The PHS band will visit all four elementary schools in the city to perform and introduce future Rams to the band.


by Eric Norwood Jr.: Portales News-Tribune
Ariel Lutnesky, left, and Kaitlyn Grubbs, both junior flutists in the Portales High School Band, get some extra practice on Wednesday after their early release from school. Grubbs and Lutnesky both attended Portales elementary schools and are excited at the opportunity to perform in the PHS Band Elementary Tour, which will take place on Nov. 26th. The PHS Band will perform at all four elementary schools in Portales.

The tour is back after a one-year hiatus, due to scheduling conflicts. But Jennifer Johnson, Band Director for PHS, is excited to have the tour up and running and anxious to make an impression on the youngsters of Portales.

“We’re going to play a few songs, get them riled up, and we’re also going to introduce each of the instruments to the students,” said Johnson.

Johnson said that besides just a performance, the elementary students will also be introduced to each instrument and learn about the sound of each individual instrument.

“For example, we have three different saxophones, alto, tenor, and baritone. They will get to hear the different sounds each instrument makes,” said Johnson.

There are current members of the Portales band who have their own fond memories of the tour.

“I remember the girl that played French horn came up and played her instrument. I thought it was really cool. It probably inspired me to join,” said Kaitlyn Grubbs, a junior flutist.

Senior Carlos Espinoza, a saxophonist, is excited as well for the tour, even though his reason may differ from the other students.

“Tuesday is actually my 18th birthday,” Espinoza said with a grin. “I think it’ll put more pressure on me.”

Johnson will also more than likely allow one of the elementary students to get up on stage with the high school band and conduct a song.

“We always choose a student who maybe needs a boost or a kid who won’t get too embarrassed,” said Johnson.

With a 64-member band, there are bound to be some family ties between the high school performers and their elementary audience.

“I think it’s really fun. My little sister goes to Lindsey-Steiner and my little brother goes to Valencia. I can’t wait to see their faces,” said Ariel Lutnesky, a junior flutist.


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