Plenty for which to be thankful

I can’t remember if I write an annual Thanksgiving column, but if I do, here are some blessings for which I am thankful:

• Being able to explain to readers nitpicking about me not expounding on the complexities of every idea that I have to stay within a word count.

• Knowing there is not much difference between “lefties” and “righties” on issues integral to living.

• Getting to vote in New Mexico instead of Texas where it would be wasted.

• Playing basketball, tennis and golf regularly with great friends of all ages and ethnicities.

• Not being able to find Dreyer’s French Silk ice cream regularly on the High Plains; otherwise, I’d have to play even more sports.

• Dark chocolate being healthy.

• Having a job I enjoy with cool, creative colleagues and students.

• That my biggest decision today was which program to watch on Direct TV, rather than being in the Philippines searching for food and shelter from rain.

• Realizing my life works better if I depend on capabilities fate bestowed on me rather than expecting supernatural forces to intervene.

• Owning an American-made Japanese car that does not strand me in West Texas like Chrysler and General Motors cars did.

• Getting to see an underdog local college football team, with a good-guy coach, come out of nowhere to win a conference championship.

• Having parents who unassumingly modeled the difference between wit and condescension.

• Being able to look forward to a home-made Thanksgiving meal — including soul food, tamales and turkey — with interracial family and friends (including Chef Juandel, The Anglo Mariachi Cowboy and Bootlegger Sloan).

If you will be solo, don’t be shy about accepting an invitation to Thanksgiving. Your presence will mean as much to your hosts as you.

And, a tip from Chef Juandel: To ensure seconds on Thanksgiving night, disguise and hide your favorites in the crisper.

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