Fashionista from way back — D’Nieka Hartsfield

My name is D’Nieka Hartsfield. Most people call me Nieka.

I grew up in Clovis. I work for the Clovis Media Inc. newspapers and am the most fabulous and fashionably fantastic person in our newsrooms.

I am just kidding about the work part.

David Stevens, my editor, thinks our readers would like to see a fashion column and I could not agree more.

He picked me for the job because he recognized my appreciation for the art. I recently added extensions to my hair and convinced him this is fashion forward. Now he is considering extensions in his hair.

I’m not sure if I have seen hair extensions sold in the white-to-silvery gray color he is sporting, but I am imagining a certain famous bounty hunter known for his extensions and think that may be a good look for my boss.

I love fashion. I always have. It all started as a grade-school student trying to copy the styles of the people I idolized. I remember from kindergarten until about the fourth grade my mom would buy me a pair of black and white Oxfords to wear each year. Aside from helping with homework when I returned from school, she would ask me what my friends thought of my outfit.

I suppose my mom is where I get my love for fashionable things. To this day, we will watch our favorite shows together and laugh at the character’s personalities, yet all the while critiquing their style choices.

No, I am not a professional stylist, designer or critic. But did I mention I love fashion?

I’m excited that I’m going to get paid to share my fashion ideas and experiences every Sunday in this space.

My editor thinks it might be fun to critique our best-known residents’ choices of clothes and accessories. I’ll have to think about that, but I’ll agree the goal is to have fun.

If you share my passion for fashion, we’ll get started next week with some ideas on what to wear to holiday parties.

D’Nieka Hartsfield will be bringing you fashion talk from head to toe. Contact her at:

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