My Turn: Early stages of forgetfulness upon us – Sandy Fields

‘Tis the season to host festive events. I was getting out the punch bowl, the beautiful platters, the cheese, the chocolate covered almonds. Then I stepped back into the pantry for the bag of regular almonds to pour into their pretty bowl. They had vanished. Vanished, I tell you.

I stepped back out and looked all around the kitchen. No. Back into the pantry, perusing every single shelf. No almonds. They had just been purchased that morning. They had to be there. Back to the kitchen, looking through every cabinet. Almonds were gone.

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

I asked my husband about them, so he stepped into the pantry, and picked them right off the front-and-center shelf. That’s just nuts!

We host our gathering, then head to bed with visions of cream cheese and fudge dancing in our heads.

The next morning I went to the kitchen to pour myself some left-over drink. Would I heat up a cup of apple cider or coffee? I had both still sitting there in the large and lovely silver decanters. I go with the coffee. Gary is astounded. He had no idea there was coffee at the party.

Friends, keep an eye on us. We’re losing it.

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