Mother keeps hopes alive for ornaments — Christina Calloway

By Christina Calloway

PNT senior writer

There’s no bigger holiday than Christmas for Ginger Williamson and her family, and with all the Hallmark movies she’s been watching to get into the spirit, she’s hoping she’ll receive a Christmas miracle of her own.

The 47-year-old homemaker from Ruidoso said after three years, she’s still heartbroken over a few missing Christmas ornaments she first received when her daughter Alyssa Crouch was born.

Williamson said she gave the ornaments to Crouch, now 27, when she attended school at Eastern New Mexico University several years ago and believes they went missing when Crouch moved in 2010.

Williamson is betting on the small chance that she can recover the ornaments with the help of local residents providing any information, but fears the ornaments might have been accidentally thrown away while Crouch was moving. Her daughter lived at 417 S. Avenue G.

“So many times I just dismissed it and time just flew by,” Williamson said. “Every Christmas, both of us just have to choke back the tears and try not talking about it.”

The ornaments Williamson is trying to find include a porcelain ivory pair of baby booties with gold writing that says “Alyssa Coreen 11-27-87,” a pink glass baby carriage, and a Hallmark baby in a jumper with the writing “Baby’s 1st Christmas.”

“They’re not worth anything but they mean so much to me,” Williamson said.

Crouch, who received her degree from ENMU, is now a teacher at an elementary school in Ruidoso. Crouch worked at the local McDonald’s while she was in school.

Williamson is hoping that maybe someone who knew her daughter may have held onto the ornaments in the chance that Crouch would come back for them.

Williamson said her own experience of a ring she lost and then found two years later in he parents’ flower bed makes her believe that anything is possible.

“Weird things have happened before,” Williamson said.

Public Works Director John DeSha said if the ornaments were thrown away, it isn’t likely that they will be recovered based on the amount of time that has past.

DeSha said Portales’ trash is taken to the landfill in Clovis, which is covered daily.

But DeSha doesn’t want to sound like a Scrooge around Christmas time.

“There’s always a chance that something like that was found and pulled it out,” DeSha said.

He said not too long ago a woman who’s file cabinet was thrown away was found six weeks later using records from the city’s convenience center, which is the city’s disposal site.


If you have any information about the missing ornaments, contact Ginger Williamson at

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