My Turn: Even scarier than zombies? Flake outbreak — Christina Calloway

I’m considering carrying out one of my failed movie ideas that I had for my final project in my digital filmmaking class because the message needs to get out there.

I’m also thinking I need to ditch the shoes I’m going “gaga” over and get a camera for my birthday. It’s clear priorities change with age.

My film is inspired by the recent apathy I’ve experienced from nearly everyone around me. Call me crazy unless you’ve noticed it too.

It seems that no one wants to do more than they have to, and I’m not just talking about at their jobs.

People have also been bad about breaking commitments; no one’s word feels valuable anymore.

People have become this careless mass, a mass that has a hard time having regard for others.

My story wouldn’t be your typical run-of-the-mill zombie movie because it wouldn’t be gruesome.

Just think of it being “Outbreak” style, everyone is catching this disease, a malaise, and my two main characters attempt to lift spirits by throwing a party.

As the party nears, more and more people find excuses to not go. In fact, some people use more of their energy trying to get out of commitments than just doing the right thing or being straight forward.

The point is that people will never take you seriously if you’re flaky. That my friends is bad for business.

The people must know this behavior needs to stop before we all become apathetic zombies.

Christina Calloway writes for Clovis Media Inc.




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