Clubt Notes — Dec. 22

Portales Woman’s Club

The Portales Woman’s Club met on Dec. 11, with President Julie Nickles presiding.

Beth Banda led the pledges and collect. Doncella Caywood gave the invocation.

Fifteen members and one guest were present.

Minutes from the previous meeting were approved. The treasurer’s report was filed. Banda won the door prize.

A sign up sheet was distributed for members to furnish cookies for Santa Cop on Dec. 21. Cookies are to be taken to the Memorial Building before noon.

Workers were also solicited.

Lois Crozier announced she her donation to the Donohue/Pendleton Scholarship fund in memory of June Ferguson’s father, William Tomlinson.

Banda introduced Cassidy Self, of Ashley Furniture, who talked about holiday decorating. Self received a Certificate of Appreciation.

Carol Fletcher, chair of the Hostess Committee, introduced others serving with her: Sheryl Borden, Mary Mendoza and Crozier.

The next meeting is 11:30 a.m. Jan. 8 at the club building.


Fairfield Extension Club

The Fairfield Extension Club met at Amy Dees Restaurant in Texico for its meeting and Christmas.

Eleven members were present for gift and card exchanges.

Charity donations were made to the boys and girls ranches, food bank and Hartley House.

Members in Extension clubs enjoyed the annual events. Leader training, annual banquet, membership event, Holiday showcase and other workshops presented by Glenda Blecher and staff of home economics.

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