Let’s have more of (and less of) these

Something about this season begets bouts of nostalgia, poignant thoughts of a past remembered fondly and a future pondered warily.

Heavily influenced by musings on culture, America, lots of holiday television, and maybe just a touch of old-age mind wandering, here are some ideas that hop, skip and jump through my head:Ned Cantwell NEW

• America needs more “Sound of Music” and less “Kinky Boots.” “Kinky Boots,” a Broadway show about a drag queen, was featured on NBC’s Macy Parade coverage Thanksgiving morning. It was the holiday season breaking bad. Yo, witch!

• The season needs more “Twelve Days of Christmas” and less 60 days of non-stop promotion cleverly configured to whet our appetites for the last Apple phone, X-Box marvel, or must-have Barbie Dream Home.

• Please, more Carrie Underwood wholesomeness and less Miley Cyrus sluttishness.

• New Mexico needs more Bruce King “aw shucks” country charm and less Susana Martinez-Jay McCleskey shuckin’ and jivin’.

• How about more Woolworths and less Wal-Mart?

• Journalism needs more David Brinkley straight-news, calm, cool delivery and less Sean Hanitty blathering histrionics.

• There was a calmer, more thoughtful day when shopping season meant less instant-purchase, instant-delivery — click, click, click, credit card on file — Amazon.com and more slow, quiet hours going page by page through a Sears catalogue so thick you could pile five on top of one another and use them as a night stand.

• If only we could have more Pete Domenici and less Ted Cruz.

• There was a time when people prepared for slumber with more calm reflection and a cup of hot chocolate and less bang-bang car chase television and a Xanax.

• Kids were better off when there were more tiresome, nerve-wracking but never-forgotten family road trips and less frequent flier miles.

• Life was a whole lot more simple when there were more party lines and less cell phones. You couldn’t take a land line onto an airplane, or into a theater. You couldn’t text during the sermon or Google during dinner, or check your on-line bank account when your wife was trying to explain why Billy got sent home from school. People just paid a lot more attention to the moment.

• We need more stability and less anxiety for the one out of five children in our country who live in poverty.

• We need more corner drugstore cheeseburgers and less Burger Kings, more relaxed lunching and less indigestion. Shooting stars are fast. Roller coasters are fast. Computers are fast. Who decided food has to be fast?

• We need more giving and less grabbing.

• Christmas needs to be more Nativity and less Nordstrom.

• Kids who play more Monopoly and less Mortal Kombat will probably sleep better. They also may be less prone to take a gun to school, but I have no study to prove that. Just a hunch.

• More talking and less texting would be nice. LOL!

• Wouldn’t the world be a better place if we had more social justice and less social media?

• Too many moms and dads would like the promise of more and better jobs and less evidence of how living costs are eating them up, reminders such as the price of the 12 days of Christmas soaring from $12,623.10 in 1984 to $27,393.18 this year. Twelve drummers drumming would drive you nuts at any price.

• Most definitely the world would be a better place if we had more sincere wishes for a blessed Christmas and less pointless pontificating from a certain newspaper columnist. Wait a minute! That’s me he’s talking about.

May Christmas bring peace. Thanks for reading this year.

Ned Cantwell — ncantwell@bajabb.com — is a syndicated New Mexico columnist who lives in Ruidoso.


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