On the shelves — Dec. 22

These books are available at:

Clovis-Carver Public Library

The Final Cut by Catherine Coulter introduces Scotland Yard’s Chief Inspector Nicholas Drummond, who learns that the Koh-i-Noor diamond from the Queen Mother’s crown has been stolen from an exhibit in New York and the caretaker has been murdered, sending him around the globe in search of a cunning international thief known as the Fox.

The Spy Who Loved: The Secrets and Lives of Christine Granville by Clare Mulley reveals the story of Britain’s first female special agent of World War II, whose courage, quick wit, and determination won her release from arrest more than once, and who became one of the most decorated contributors to the Allied war effort.

Beloved Enemy by Eric Van Lustbader sends Jack McClure on the run after he is framed for the murder of Secretary of Homeland Security Dennis Paull, but his mission to complete Paull’s task of uncovering a mole brings him face to face with the woman he once loved and lost.

Stitch Savvy: 25 Skill-Building Projects to Take Your Sewing Technique to the Next Level by Deborah Moebes offers projects that start simple and build up your skills in five categories: home décor, patchwork and quilting, bags, children’s items, and clothing, along with versatile tips, techniques, and an interactive CD with patterns for each project.

Songs of Willow Frost by Jamie Ford brings to life in vivid detail Seattle’s Chinatown during the Depression, chronicling the high price those desperate times exacted from an abandoned boy and the Chinese-American singer he believes to be his missing mother.

J. Edgar Hoover Goes to the Movies: the FBI and the Origins of Hollywood’s Cold War by John Sbardellati highlights the sweeping and sustained investigation of the motion picture industry conducted by the FBI between 1942 and 1958 to prevent dissemination of “un-American” ideas as an engine for social change.


Portales Public Library

What We Lost in the Dark by Jacquelyn Mitchard — Despite her fatal allergy to sunlight, XP, and the risk to all she holds dear, Allie Kim, is determined to see Garrett Tabor brought to justice and may get her chance when she and Rob uncover a horrible secret Tabor has hidden under Lake Superior.

Forget Me Not by Fern Michaels — With a popular comic strip, card line, and children’s cartoon to her name, Lucy Brighton should be in a happy place. But the pain of a lonely childhood lingers on.

Even though she still lives in the New Jersey house where she grew up, Lucy has had little contact with her parents since they moved to Florida five years ago.

Then Lucy receives a call that her parents have been killed in a car crash. While settling their affairs in Florida, Lucy begins to realize how little she really knew about their lives. She has no way to explain the mysterious safe in their bedroom, with its cache of fake passports, cash, and weapons. What secrets were the Brightons keeping? Were they even who they claimed to be?

The answers will shatter everything she once believed about her parents — and about herself.

Little Santa by Jon Agee — A kid from the North Pole with the ability to wiggle his way up and down chimneys encounters a flying reindeer and some creative elves, in this fictional biography of Santa Claus.


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