Not this year — Things we refuse to include among new year’s resolutions

Some of our Facebook friends agreed to share the one thing you refuse to include among your new year’s resolutions.

Here are some of the answers.

I refuse to give up Duck Dynasty!!

Virigina Gonzales

My husband would like for me to give up Diet Dr. pepper.

Karen Donice Strickland

Caffeine free coke zero and decaffeinated coffee!!”

Brittany Denaye Reed-Allen

Diet Coke

Becky Hammerton Berg

I won’t make any resolutions about meat. I might resolve to add move fruits and veggies, but there will be times when I will want and seek a hamburger.

Jason W. Brooks

Dr Pepper

Lucyann Bamforth


Greg Royer

Sweets! Just all too yummy.

Deannafe Briseno

I refuse to give up chocolate

Robin Coffey

I don’t intend to give up on shrimp no matter how high my cholesterol numbers become.

Raymond Atchley

I refuse to give up carbohydrates!

Lauren Elizabeth Acheson

I’m gonna try to eat more healthy but I REFUSE to give up mint chocolate chip ice cream from Do Drop In! It’s the best stuff ever!

Cynthia N Beto Solis

Mountain Dew…and hot Cheetos but mostly I refuse to give up on the thought of my man coming home from Afghanistan..I pray he will be and is ok.

Georgia Dutcher


Argen Duncan

World of Warcraft

Kelly Varner Johnson

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