Letter to the editor: Our values have been dismantled

Something needs to be said concerning our country’s history, Judeo-Christian principles, and our current moral state.

The Progressives would have you believe America is no longer a Christian nation, that we have evolved past those stodgy Ten Commandments, living in an open, “progressive” society.

Shame on us all for allowing this.

As a girl, I remember Madalyn Murray O’Hair succeeded in having prayer and Bible reading thrown out of school. People said, “Ahhh, let her talk, it’ll never happen.”

That trusting, short-sighted attitude has allowed the fox into the hen house, resulting in a total dismantling of societal values.

Americans have enjoyed a blessed life in an amazing land where one’s dreams can be realized through ambition and hard work. National pride was a given. American history, taught ad nauseum in our schools, defined who we are.

We are a tolerant people, but tolerance has slipped into complacency, costing us everything our forebears fought hard and courageously to secure and pass to us.

Our children are now taught to be globalists, little apparatchiks of a new world order where American exceptionalism has no place. They are spiritually rudderless. Our despotic government is filled with cronyism and personal greed. Allegiance is to party ideology, not the folks back home.

Economic stability is threatened by massive federal debt approaching an unimaginable $18 trillion. In 1990, we hit $1 trillion and people were alarmed. We are in a fiscal spiral; a trillion is the new million. The agenda: collapse the system.

Wake up, people. See the course we’re on? Pray for spiritual renewal; pay attention, act, make your voices heard. Stick your necks out instead of sitting on the couch.

Jesus says, “Watch!”

Margaret George


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