Oceans’ pull strong, even now

This new year… I cruised into it, literally. I stared at the endless blue sea and thought of my connections to the ocean.

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

If you have parents who will spend summer vacations driving across a vast continent so you can see the Gulf, the Atlantic and the Pacific, you are one lucky little girl. Just to stand on the shore watching waves roll in … that’s poetry at any age.

To have lived on two tropical islands in two different oceans, and to have come full circle back to my landlocked home … this is almost surreal to me. For a young couple who could have been voted “most likely to never leave Portales,” the serendipitous run-ins with teaching opportunities play over in my mind more often than you might suspect.

I love this blue water. Watching it change to a bright aqua while white foam dances up to a sandy beach … this is bliss for me. Feeling the salty moist air on my face, I am transported to younger carefree days. Days of sunset boat rides, fresh catch on the grill.

The ocean, my home away from home. A little bit of my heart is always out there, somewhere beyond the sea.

Sandy keeps an online journal at her website www.field-days.com. E-mail her at sandy@field-days.com.

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