Street statistics

Here is a by-the-numbers review of Portales Street Department projects in 2013:

• 8 — miles of roads, the department helped the water department repair at the city’s Well Field.

• 2 — new Blackwater wells the department built fences and pads built for.

• 34 — blocks of roadway chip sealed, with five blocks being a mill and fill project. Workers also constructed valley gutters for the area south of 18th Street.

•  24,352 — gallons of oil chip sealing used in the summer.

• 12 — alleys worked on this year.

• 100 — yards of concrete poured. They built valley gutters, or stop blocks, at 17th Street and Avenue I, University and Globe, Kilgore and Third Street, and Amazon and Kilgore. They also poured the basketball court at the Recreation Center.

• 7 —  employees in the Street Department.

Other things you may not know the Street Department accomplished in 2013:

• The department is responsible for cleaning and maintaining the drainage ditches in the city. Workers cleaned and repaired the ditch on Globe several times in 2013. On three occasions they repaired erosion areas and on two occasions they repaired holes in the banks caused by third parties.

• The department put up the holiday banners, removed the trees and lights around the square. Workers trim the trees and spray weeds on the roadway.

• The department rebuilt the infield on one ball field at the Softball Complex and worked on the three other fields.

• The department maintains the signage and the school flashing lights.

• The department hauled sand for the cemetery and the water department. Workers also salt the streets when icy.

• The department painted the parking lines at the Portales Public Library.

Source: City of Portales

— Compiled by PNT senior writer Christina Calloway

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