Dishwasher great peace keeper

I don’t know how The Lady of the House and I ever did without a dishwasher, but we did.

Grant McGee

Grant McGee

We just got a new one, a Christmas present to us.

It sits in the corner of the kitchen, hums and cleans the dishes.

We did have a pretty good system before the dishwasher arrived.

The Lady of the House would wash the dishes and I’d put them away when I woke up in the morning.

She’d wake up to a clean kitchen and remark how happy she was that “The Kitchen Fairy” had visited her home overnight.

The dishwasher has also brought a measure of peace to our home. There were some things about dishwashing that The Lady of the House and I didn’t agree on.

For instance, I often thought a rinse with a swish of water and a wipe with a paper towel for a coffee cup was just as good as a wash.

“It’s what I do with my coffee cup at work,” I said one day as I did the same thing to my Taos-hippie-made-pottery coffee cup.

“We’re not at work here,” said The Lady of the House. “That explains why the lemon-squeezer was so cruddy. I got it out the other day and had to scrub it before I could use it.

“Makes sense to me, like when I use a knife to spread peanut butter then wipe it off and put it back in the silverware drawer.” I said.

“You do WHAT?” she exclaimed. “You put dirty silverware back in the drawer?”

“Oh,” I said sheepishly. “Did I say that out loud? I was…ah…KIDDING!”

So, to preserve world peace and avoid World War III. we bought a new dishwasher.

The Lady of the House watched and waited for the perfect sale and it is now in place in the kitchen.

It sits and hums and cleans the dishes.

And keeps me out of trouble.

Grant McGee is a long-time broadcaster and former truck driver who rides bicycles and likes to talk about his many adventures on the road of life. Contact him through his blog at:

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