Dinner table rules fun to learn

As I picked up the slice of bacon and brought it to my mouth, I had some fun thinking through the list of socially accepted hand-held food items.

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

I believe it’s always acceptable to eat any kind of bread with your hands. It’s fine to eat bacon with your hands, but not a slice of ham. Okay to pick up a grape from your plate and plop it in your mouth, but a slice of squash requires a fork… unless it has been deep fried. If potatoes or zucchini have been deep fried with batter on them, even chicken — for that matter, then by all means, pick these up with your fingers to eat them. But okra deep fried in batter, or a chicken-fried steak? No, this calls for utensils if you’re going to be polite.

It’s a fun game, and we start learning the rules as children. And the rules can be completely different depending upon global positioning.

Slurping noodles is polite in some cultures, and the same for belching after a meal. Hats can be worn at some tables, not at others.

Oh my goodness. The people of this world. We’re a fun group to study.


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