Event celebration brought about unintended results

I am writing to apologize for the 5 a.m. fireworks that occurred without warning last Saturday morning. The university has received more than a few emails and phone calls about the noise and confusion this caused.

The fireworks occurred at the conclusion of the university-sponsored “Up All Night” function, an exceptional event dedicated to raising money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a medical facility dedicated to research on cancer in children.

I am proud to say the fundraising event was successful, and I am proud of the students and staff members who made it happen.

However, the fireworks (which were supposed to be a celebration) awakened a number of Portales residents and caused alarm. This was not the intent, but unfortunately it was the result.

I apologize for this misstep on the part of the university, and I assure Portales residents the university will redouble its efforts to be a good community partner and neighbor.

I hope the fireworks do not detract from the good work accomplished by our students through “Up All Night.” This was an unselfish event that demonstrates the caring attitude of our students toward children who need help.

As I stated earlier, I am extremely proud of each and every student and staff member who participated in this wonderful initiative.

Steven G. Gamble

Eastern New Mexico

University president

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