One of those moments I savor in life

On the first Saturday of March I made my way, with over 700 other delegates, to the Pre-Primary Convention for the Republican Party of New Mexico. We came from all four corners,

Sandy Fields

Sandy Fields

gathering in Albuquerque, right there at the crossroads in the middle of our state.

What an honor to be part of it all. There were no heated debates. No fireworks. But the day was filled with grand moments for those who love the political process and this land we call home.

Although I love a good five minute speech, and I was treated to several, I believe my favorite part of the day was the official roll call of the counties. The party chair from every county stepped up to the microphone, announced their county’s presence, then shared a tidbit or two.

We were invited to lakes where water levels have risen. We were reminded which counties were named after great presidents. We learned which citizens “ride the lightning and rope the wind”.

It was one of those moments I savor in life. Tears in my eyes, lump in my throat. Taking part in a time-honored tradition. Playing a tiny roll in the magnificent story of America.

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