Good or bad, social media is amplifier

Monday was it, the final night of jokes — high-brow, low-brow and all brows between — for the CBS hit sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” I was disappointed, but not surprised by what

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson

occurred Monday night.

The finale? Oh, I thought it was great. I was talking about the Internet.

The show, for those who have never seen it, is a man telling his children the story of his life, friends and love while promising them for nine years he’d tell them how he met Mom.

No spoilers are coming, except to say we find out how Ted Mosby (Mose-bee, not Cause-bee) met his kids’ mother.

That wasn’t enough for some people, who felt they’d wasted nine years watching a series for what they believed to be a subpar finale. They took to Twitter and Facebook, mostly Twitter with the #HIMYM hashtag.

The stream of hateful, caustic posts reminded me of kids on Christmas morning tweeting that their parents are the worst because they got the black iPhone, and, “I told them I wanted the white iPhone.”

The show creators were on Twitter as well, explaining the ending they chose was one they agreed on years before and it felt wrong to change it. They were told via reply to go … how do I put this politely … make love to themselves?

This is the issue I have with social media. It’s an amplifier for either the good in our lives or the bad in our lives, and all too often we pick the latter.

Sometimes, it’s somebody taking a Facebook comment the wrong way, turning it into an argument and ending a friendship.

And sometimes it’s an amplifier for what only existed in a small form. You didn’t like a show in 1994, you talked about it the next day at the office. You don’t like a show in 2014, you tell the show writer to go expletive himself … or something else you’d never look somebody in the eye and say.

I just imagine how the reaction might have been for some other series finales had Twitter existed. Warning, spoiler alerts.

@billcosby The L.A. riots are going on, and you’re going on TV to tell people to stop rioting and watch your show. You just want more money.

@glencharles Sam was supposed to end up with Diane. Why did I waste 11 years on this show? I bet “Frasier” gets canceled after a month, you no-talent hack.

@larrydavid Elaine and Jerry should have ended up together. You ruined everything. This isn’t the show about nothing I wanted.

Instead of celebrating what we liked, we pile on and tear it down. Even if the finale wasn’t that bad. Even if we’re really mad THAT the show ended and not about HOW it ended.

I think the best action with social networking, whenever you’re talking about friendships or sitcoms about friendships, is to do what The Mother told Robin before the big wedding. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take three deep breaths before you do or say something else.

Or you can just blast me about how this column ends and tell me something with an expletive. Your call.

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