Sunland sale complete

The deal is done; Bankruptcy Trustee Clarke Coll confirmed Tuesday the sale of Sunland Inc. to Canadian food supplier Golden Boy Foods is complete.

Golden Boy Foods, the high bidder at $26 million in a U.S. Bankruptcy Court auction for the defunct peanut processor, has plans to reopen the peanut butter plant and begin production soon, according to Coll.

Requests for comment from Golden Boy Foods were not returned Tuesday.

Community members are watchful of Golden Boy’s next move, hopeful the company will restore the 100-plus jobs that were lost when Sunland closed its doors in October after filing for bankruptcy from the financial burden that followed a salmonella outbreak and nationwide recall.

Community leaders such as Portales Mayor Sharon King and City Manager Doug Redmond have expressed they’re looking forward to working with Golden Boy Foods and are happy to make the Canadian company a new community partner.

Facts about the hometown of Golden Boy Foods, Burnaby, British Columbia:

• The municipality received its charter of incorporation Sept. 22, 1892.

• The city was named after Burnaby Lake, which had been named in honor of Robert Burnaby, a

merchant and businessman, who had explored the region around the lake in the 1850s.

• Burnaby occupies 38 square miles and is located at the geographic center of Metro Vancouver, British Columbia.

• The city has a population of 223,000, making it the third largest city in British Columbia.

• The city has 25 percent of its land designated as parks and open space.

• Henry and Grace Ceperly began construction of “Fairacres,” in 1911, which was the city’s largest mansion and now is home of the Burnaby Art Gallery.

• Only 16 people have been awarded the city’s Freeman Award, which was established by Burnaby’s Municipal Council in the mid-1960s to honor those of exceedingly high merit.

• Notable natives and residents of Burnaby include actors Michael J. Fox and Carrie-Anne Moss, and crooner Michael Buble.



Here are some facts about Golden Boy Foods:

• Golden Boy Foods was founded in 1979 and is a family-owned company. Golden Boy’s parent holding

company is Post Holdings.

• The company specializes in selling roasted nuts, raw nuts and dried fruit. It supplies organic and conventional peanut and other nut butters, baking nuts, raisins, and other dried fruit and trail mixes to grocery retailers across North America.

• Golden Boy’s corporate office is located in Burnaby, British Columbia. The company manufactures peanut and tree nut butters in four other locations including two U.S. cities in Blaine, Wash., and Troy, Ala.

• The company’s president and CEO Richard Harris has been with Golden Boy Foods since 2009.


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