Late spring break has pros, cons

Clyde Davis

Clyde Davis

Clyde Davis


Advantages of having an unusually late spring break:

• You can validly plan to do some outdoor work, including putting some plants and seeds in your garden. You don’t have to wonder whether they will, most likely, be safe from freeze like the numerous times you have planted in March and regretted it.

• You can validly plan to have a picnic or a cookout and know that there is a good chance it will not snow or turn too cold.

• You can rest assured that your granddaughter’s April 8 birthday will be included in spring break, and that you don’t, therefore, need to worry about her birthday falling on a school night, which is no fun.

• If you wanted to do something crazy — which you’ve been known to do — and it had rained enough to keep the water fresh in Ute Lake — which it hasn’t — you could get out your wetsuit and go in the lake.

• You could enact the above game plan anyway, and go up to the Blue Hole, where the subterranean river keeps the water supply constantly fresh.

• You could realize that summer break is within shouting distance, when school resumes after spring break.

• You don’t even need to think about the fact that you can’t afford to go to the mountains, since ski season is basically over — if indeed, this year, it ever existed.

Disadvantages of having a late spring break:

• You can’t even think about going skiing even if you could afford a trip to the mountains, unless your budget allows for someplace like Telluride.

• You realize that summer break is within shouting distance, your students are all seniors, and you haven’t covered everything you hoped to by a long shot.

• You might be tempted to do something crazy, like take your wetsuit and go to the Blue Hole, and then you could get sick.

• You know from past experience that a lot of your granddaughter’s friends will be out of town and will miss her birthday party.

• No matter how much you get accomplished in terms of working in the garden and the house, it won’t be nearly what you hoped for.


Clyde Davis is a Presbyterian pastor and teacher at Clovis High School. He can be contacted at:

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