Choice is made


By Christina Calloway

Senior writer

Two Portales High School seniors aren’t sweating their college choices at all.

Jarret Faust and Jennifer Salomon, both honor students, already have their minds made up on where they plan to spend the next four years after graduation.

The National Honor Society students were asked questions about their decision:

Jarrett Faust

Jarrett Faust


The achievers

Jarret Faust played basketball and baseball all four years and gave football a try his senior year. Surprisingly, the high school athlete said he doesn’t want to play sports in college.

Faust said his best subject is math but his plan is to study physical therapy. Faust is a recipient of the Daniels Scholarship.

His choice: Texas Tech University in Lubbock

High school highlight: Winning the state championship in baseball in 2012.

b He can unicycle.


Jennifer Salomon has participated in PHS’s band all four years, playing clarinet and acting as drum major her junior and senior years. She also

Jennifer Salomon

Jennifer Salomon

ran track for three years. The musician is looking at studying social work and physical therapy.

Her choice: Eastern New Mexico University

High school highlight: Performing in the New Mexico All-State Band her junior and senior year.

Fun fact that most people don’t know: She loves to dance.


How did you reach your decision?

• Faust: I’ve always wanted to go to Tech since I was little, that’s been my plan.

• Salomon: It was cheap and the band director just kind of influenced me more. It’s a good school.


What appealed to you the most about the school you chose?

• Faust: I like Lubbock and it’s not too far from home. I love it here (Portales), but I want to get out and explore.

• Salomon: The classroom sizes.


On or off-campus living?

• Faust: On.

• Salomon: Off.


What is something new that you think you’ll give a try in college?

• Faust: I might try wakeboarding.

• Salomon: Maybe a dance class. I would try singing but I’m bad at singing.


Are your parents happy with your choice?

• Faust: Yes, just because it’s not too far away and they like Lubbock.

• Salomon: Yes, because they still have me at home.


What will be your source of support when the going gets tough?

• Faust: I’ve always been good at disciplining myself but it helps that my best friend is going to Tech, too. At least I’ll know someone there.

• Salomon: My family. I usually just pray about stuff and it helps.

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