Nuno felting information featured on show

Information on nuno felting and ways to deal with bullying in schools will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” 9:30 p.m. Tuesday and noon Thursday.

Sheryl Borden

Sheryl Borden

Designer and crafter Barbara Crawford will demonstrate “nuno” felting, which is a Japanese fiber art technique. She’ll show how to create fabric from silk and wool roving by using soap, water, bubble wrap and some “muscle.” Her company is Crawford Designs and Sunset Galleries in Amarillo.

Author Peter Goodman has written a children’s book about bullying, and he will explain how to change bystanders into upstanders in order to discourage bullying behavior. His business is DreamBIG and he lives in Washington, D.C.

Information on making a quick and easy ice scraper project, making various seam finishes for jackets, and making mini albums will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” noon Tuesday and 2 p.m. Saturday.

Evelyn Langston, a designer with Ozark Crafts, will show a quick and easy ice scraper project that can be made in minutes — and it makes a great gift item.  She’s from Gilbert, Ariz.

Sewing expert Vivian Lavinskas will demonstrate French, flat and slotted seam finishes for jackets. They offer sturdy construction and enhance the appearance of the inside of the garment. She is with Singer Sewing Co. in Lavergne, Tenn.

New Mexico Cooperative Extension Home Economist Connie Moyers will show how to make mini albums in tin boxes using accordion-folded paper to capitalize on the space. These mini albums are a great way to get lots of pictures taken during the holidays or other memorable occasions together in one place to enjoy.  She lives in Clovis.

Tips for creating a bully-free classroom
Bullying is a common problem, and schools don’t want it there anymore than the students. Both can come out ahead if schools place an emphasis on addressing the problem in a variety of ways – one being to integrate bullying prevention education as part of the curriculum.

Below are 10 additional things that schools can do to help prevent and address bullying: Bully Free Students Make Bully Free Classrooms
• Focus on prevention. When you begin working on bullying as a school-wide issue, place the emphasis more on preventing it so that it is not as big of a problem to begin with.

• Establish a committee. Create a task force at the school to focus on bullying. That committee should include members from staff, teachers, parents, and students.
• Create a plan. Include what the consequences will be if people are found to be bullying others.

• Start early. It is never too early to start working with children about treating others with kindness, respect, and acceptance
• Keep it going. As children work their way through the school, advancing to the next grade, reinforce the bully-prevention message. They need to hear the message every year.

• Think multiple methods. Children learn in different manners. Some learn by listening, others learn by hands-on projects, and still others learn by watching.

•  Encourage peer advocacy. When students go from being bystanders to being “upstanders,” attempts to address bullying will be more successful. Students should be taught to stand up for other students.

• Teach bullying prevention. Students still need to know what to do if it happens to them. Teach them acceptable ways to handle bullying if they do encounter it.

•  Work with parents. Parents want a bully-free school as much as teachers, staff, and students do. Nobody wants their child to come home in tears after a day of being bullied.

•  Evaluate and adjust. Once or twice per year, give the students an anonymous survey to fill out, where they can answer questions about bullying on the school campus. This will provide a look at how the students feel about the school atmosphere.

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