Police reviewing videos of skirmish

By Christina Calloway


Recently discovered video evidence of events before the arrests of nearly half of Eastern New Mexico University’s baseball team has prompted the investigation to continue, according to ENMU Police Chief Brad Mauldin.

Seventeen ENMU baseball players were arrested May 2 on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct stemming from their alleged involvement in fights that took place on April 27 at a party and then in a school parking lot several hours later.

The new video is from a dormitory surveillance camera. It shows two vehicles filled with men who park in ENMU’s Eddy Hall parking lot a little after 5 a.m. They exit the vehicle and begin to kick another vehicle in the parking lot.

The vehicle the men are damaging belongs to an individual who said he had been at a party early the morning of April 27 in Portales where he had an altercation with players on the ENMU baseball team. This led the vehicle owner to believe the ballplayers were responsible, according to Mauldin.

“At this time, law enforcement officials are in the process of confirming the identities of the individuals seen in the video footage,” Mauldin said.

Another surveillance video shows several men running toward a fight in the San Juan Village parking lot hours after the Eddy Hall video was taken.

Mauldin said the San Juan video captures 19 men running and both videos will continue to be reviewed.

All of the players were released from the Roosevelt County jail after posting bond soon after their arrests, officials have said.