County administration may face lawsuit

Staff report
Portales attorney Eric Dixon put the Roosevelt County administration on notice Monday that he may file a lawsuit on behalf of his client Eric Pena for violation of rights during an alleged riot at the Roosevelt County Detention Center, where Pena is an inmate.
Roosevelt County Manager Charlene Webb declined to comment on the claim.

According to the claim:
• The incident took place the afternoon of May 22 after a correction’s officer found an alleged marijuana cigarette on the bunk of another inmate. The inmate refused to come out of his cell in day-room 11.

• Someone turned on the water and it caused the cell to flood. After this happened, the detention center called other police agencies including the Portales Police Department and the Roosevelt County Sheriff’s Office.

• Pepper ball rounds were shot into the day room along with tear gas.

• A corrections officer was attempting to guide Pena across the flooded floors but Pena was let go, causing him to slip and fall on the flooded floor, injuring the inmate. He continues to suffer from injuries to his head, neck and spine.