Yucca Telecom to phase out Plateau phones

Staff report

Yucca Telecom will be moving away from the sale of cell phones now that Plateau Wireless is being sold to AT&T, according to Yucca Telecom board member David Sanders.

Plateau Telecommunications, Inc. has signed an agreement to sell Plateau Wireless assets to AT&T, pending FCC approval, according to a news release from Plateau.

Yucca Telecom sold Plateau cell phones, so that service will be done away with in the deal, but Sanders said Monday Yucca Telecom as a company has not been sold to AT&T.

“We won’t sell cell phones anymore,” Sanders said.

Sanders declined to say how many Plateau customers there are in Portales, but he said he expects AT&T to open a store in Portales to serve those cell phone customers.

The purchase includes Plateau Wireless’ cellular customers and related operations and assets throughout eastern New Mexico and West Texas and is expected to close later this year, the release said.

“This sale does not affect Plateau’s other lines of business such as cooperative landline service, fiber-to-the-home and business and residential services such as advanced IPTV, ultra-fast Internet connections, and other IP-based services,” the release stated.

Wireless operations are currently comprised of partnerships between Plateau, Yucca Telecom, Five Area Telephone Cooperative, South Plains Telephone Cooperative, Mid-Plains Rural Telephone Cooperative, and West Texas Rural Telephone, according to the release.

Plateau’s CEO Tom Phelps stated in the release: “Plateau is a very diverse telecommunications company. While the wireless part of the business has certainly been important to us, we are pleased to be in a position to focus more on our other quality telecommunication services provided through our extensive fiber network.”