Smitten with Creamsicle kitten

Christina Calloway

Christina Calloway

By Christina Calloway

Staff columnist

In the great debate of which domesticated furry friend is the best, I’ve always been a sucker for a pup.
I used to beg my mom daily for a dog when I was a child. I wanted to wake up one Christmas morning and see a Lab with a red bow around its neck under the tree. It didn’t exactly play out that way, but we finally wore my mom down in high school when a rescue came to our door.

Before then, I resorted to playing with neighborhood dogs and cats to get my fix. I was never a big fan of felines because they never really played back. They were just fun to taunt.
I was attacked by a cat as an adult and that made cats a no-go for me.

But, most recently, I made a new furry friend and I’m pretty smitten over this kitten.
I named her Kiki. She belongs to my friend, Vincent. She’s a small, faded orange Creamsicle.
When I walk through the door, she’s the first one to greet me. She’s a talker and will meow until you give her a scratch behind the ear. A few times we’ve napped together, her nestled on my chest.

Vincent added a puppy to his family recently and Kiki seems to think River is her new personal friend. She paws at the puppy to play with her and tries to cuddle with it.

Maybe that’s why I like Kiki. She’s clearly a dog in cat’s clothing.

Christina Calloway is a senior staff writer.