Embracing my inner geek

Lillian Bowe

Lillian Bowe

By Lillian Bowe

Staff columnist

It all started with “Star Wars,” or that is my first memory of going into the rabbit hole that is geek culture.
I blame my dad really, who introduced me to “Star Wars,” “Star Trek” and many other geeky movies.
At the time I had no idea they were considered geeky. I love watching “Star Trek: The Next Generation” with my family and I wanted to be in Star Fleet so bad.

Then I shared my love of these shows and movies with my friends in elementary school. You can predict what happened next. I was laughed at.
So, for many years I kept my geek side a secret and it expanded. I got into zombies, I started to read a historical novel on World War II and many other things that my friends would have thought were “geeky.”
Not until I went into college did I let my geeky flag fly. I was no longer scared to share my love of Sherlock Holmes or that I find “Avatar: The Last Airbender” to be the greatest cartoon of all time.

The reason for this transformation was because I realized what I like makes me unique and it doesn’t matter what other people think.
I like geeky shows, books and movies because they are an escape. Watching “Sherlock,” I forget about my stress and I’m transported to London with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson.

Another reason for my love of all things geeky is that I can relate to the characters better than other characters in mainstream media.
The ones I relate to the most are Bilbo Baggins, Katara, Buffy Summers, Katniss Everdeen and Sherlock Holmes.
Their lives are not easy, but they don’t cry about it.
So when I think my life is hard, I turn to geek culture and find inspiration.

Staff writer Lillian Bowe loves Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings and basically anything British. She writes for CMI. She can be contacted at 575-356-4481 or by email at: lbowe@pntonline.com.