I’m OK with being called visionary

Robert Arrowsmith

Robert Arrowsmith

By Robert Arrowsmith


A few things to know about me:

I am about the most even keel person you will ever meet.

I hate the use of extreme adjectives. I hate them for one simple reason, and that is I do not believe anyone can back them up. I do not believe anyone is “absolutely” anything for example. And yes I have used an extreme adjective to explain my dislike for extreme adjectives.

I do not drink coffee because I have a mental block against the concept of drinking a hot bean.

I do not make promises. I make commitments. Committing to something gives the person I am talking to a belief in getting it done. If I cannot make it happen, I still committed to it, and made the effort. If I make a promise to someone and cannot make it happen, it does not matter how much effort I put into it to make it happen; the only result is that I did not make it happen, and therefore was not true to my word.

I do make mistakes, and have made mistakes. Most people in life have made mistakes they regret. To me it is part of life. I am not the T-shirt your math teacher had that said, “Rule 1: Teacher is always right. Rule 2: If teacher is wrong, see rule 1.” I do not believe I am always right, and do what I can to be open to opinion. But …

Bring your A game to a debate, discussion, or conversation because I will. I do recognize holes in debate and I do pounce on them. If I do believe I am right there is going to be support for why I believe I am right, and it will take convincing to prove me otherwise.

I was once called a visionary as if it were a bad thing. In fact I was called a visionary versus being a realist. I like to think I have goals, dreams and aspirations, and am willing to commit to them to make them happen. If visionary is a bad thing, I will take hopes, plans, and commitment to make something happen rather than be mired in what was called reality.

I have had to start over career wise twice. One time I had to change fields altogether.

I would rather do one big thing than 10 little things. While I do believe in the little things in life, I was once told if less is more, imagine what more is. I do not believe in the little things if they are half-hearted.

I’m in. If I have reason to trust you, you have all my trust. If I have reason to respect you, you have all my respect. If I have reason to believe you, I completely believe you. I’m all in. Give me reason through deception or lies not to once I’m in, you most likely have lost me for good. I’m sure there are exceptions to that, but they are few and far between.
I believe in impact. Get where you are going, and make it count.

An apology does go a long way. I do forgive.

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