Military in Iraq again ironic

Robert Arrowsmith

Robert Arrowsmith

By Robert Arrowsmith


Oh, the irony.
I try not to be political in my opinions, and am not going to try to be here, but oh, the irony.
We listened for how long to the current administration and the blaming of the former president for what was done in Iraq. Our current president promised to end the war in Iraq as far back as 2008.

And yet here we are; back in Iraq providing military support.
My first question to David Stevens, our editor, was why not Syria? They are reportedly using biological weapons on each other, and it is a civil war that has been going on for years. How about Nigeria, or the Ukraine where we decided on economic sanctions instead?
To me it makes the bombings in Iraq all the more ironic.

Another example of why I do not make promises. People remember what you promised, especially if you break your promise. You commit to it. It is nothing more than continuing to commit what your plan is. It becomes a credibility factor when you cannot keep a promise.
But this is politics, isn’t it? And in politics it is all about spin and all promises are what they are; words and nothing more.
Unless the person speaking has written it down themselves and then hands over the document, anything can be said and spun in any direction, and then leave it to the parties to twist and repeat what was said in their own interpretation.

Oh wait, also do not forget to blame the media for making a bigger deal, or incorrectly interpreting for themselves what was “actually said.”
Again I try not to get into politics, not even local. However, I know it is unavoidable. Hollow handshakes or even worse the empty hug, fake smiles, the wrinkling of the eyebrow, what was said and what was really meant, the ability to say something that could mean one thing or the other.
Political correctness, I believe it is called.

I get sick to my stomach just thinking about it as I type it. But I know it is part of life; I just don’t have to play it myself.
But for now, I cannot help but look back on all the blame that went George W. Bush’s way in regard to Iraq only for our president to complete the cycle and begin bombing again, regardless of the circumstances.
Oh, the irony.

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