Ram Band Booster Club volunteers

Editor’s note: The “Meet the” series profiles the people behind groups, organizations and businesses in the community.

By Lillian Bowe
Staff writer

Battling 93-degree heat for three hours is the price Suzi Webb pays to help out the Ram Band Booster Club,
Armed with an air conditioner and some water, Webb and fellow club members volunteered to work the five gates Thursday at the Roosevelt County Fair.
Webb, the owner of the Main Place in Portales, has been part of the Portales High School club for two years as her daughter is in the band.
Volunteering to come out to the fair is not a chore as Webb said she likes to talk to many people that come through the gate.
“I love to interact with the community,” Webb said.

Webb also worked with Lisa Candelaria, a nurse practitioner, who has been working the fair since Tuesday.
“We are band moms and it’s what we do,” Candelaria said.
Candelaria has been part of the club for two years, but her child has been in band since junior high.
Jennifer Johnson, the director of the club and band teacher at Portales High School, said the Booster Club has been volunteering at the fair for seven years.
The Booster Club has 131 members and about half of them have volunteered for the fair this year.

Johnson was born in Clovis, but moved to the east coast and then moved back to the area in 2008 to become band director.
“I missed the sky and the climate,” Johnson said.
Johnson said they decided to work the gates because it is a good community service. It is also a fundraiser for the Ram Band, as they get a percentage of the gate receipts.
“It really helps out the band,” Johnson said.

Another volunteer who wants to help out his grandson’s band is Don Swank. Swank moved to Portales from Germany in September and has been part of the club since.
Swank said he likes seeing the community and getting to know it better.
“It’s pretty nice coming out here and seeing people. Everyone is just really nice and I haven’t had a problem,” Swank said.