Summer, where did you go?

Karl Terry

Karl Terry

By Karl Terry

Local columnist

Labor Day is upon us and another summer is fading. I’m not too sure how the season got away from me.
Seems only yesterday that thoughts of a relaxing summer were going through my head. Instead it’s almost over and all I can think of is a relaxing holiday weekend before it slips away.

I finally sliced my first watermelon of the season this last week and without my wife holding up her end of the bargain it appears that melon may last ’til Halloween. She says it has too much Vitamin P in it for her and I’ll admit eating on it every night is about to float my kidneys right out my gills. Watermelons are a team sport.
I did get around to making one freezer of ice cream this summer, though. I showed up at the ice cream social with the only batch of cream in the bunch. Lots of brownies and cookies and stuff, but we had to send for store-bought reinforcements for my single two-quart batch.

Ice cream socials are a team sport, too. I have certainly developed the right build for that team over the years. In fact, there was a time when I was on the all-star ice cream dream team.
The weather has been much cooler and wetter this summer than in recent years. That’s nice but the lawn mowing is not nice. I’ve suggested frequently that lawn mowing be a team sport in our household. I mow the front yard then come inside for a glass of cold water expecting my wife to tag-in to do the back yard, but it never happens.
A summer vacation would have been nice but alas, even that has eluded me. We’ve come close to getting out of town for pleasure a couple of times this summer, but couldn’t make it happen. Life and work circumstances have teamed up beautifully against me to stall the clock out on summer it seems.

I hate to admit it but I’ve not even purchased my fishing license yet this year. I’ve suggested to my wife that if she took up fishing we could enjoy time together while enjoying ourselves. I pointed out that my grandmother took up the sport of fishing later in life and enjoyed it immensely.
She told me in no uncertain terms that fish smell and angling would never be a team sport that we would be pursuing together.
I’m out of sports/summer metaphors now and almost out of summer. If it gets really hot this long holiday, weekend maybe I’ll just settle for the one summer team sport my wife and I agree on these days — a nice long nap in the loveseat recliner under the air conditioning. We’ve got to rest up, it’s going to be a long fall.

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