Editorial: Act proposes making bison national mammal

It's easy to think of things more important for Congress to do than designate a U.S. National Mammal, but McCook, Neb., residents should take more than a passing interest in a proposal that is gaining speed. Make that, as proponents describe it, turning into a stampede. U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and Sen. Mike Johanns of […]

Time to steer public toward natural gas use

There's a fancy term for what would fix much of what ails the nation's until recently booming natural gas industry: market equilibrium. There's too much gas and not enough demand. Clearly, what's called for are Goldilocks prices for natural gas. Not too high. Not too low. Just right. Above all, predictably stable. We can dream. […]

Editorial: Veterans group needs to learn responsibility

Shame on the Department of Veterans Affairs for drawing a cloud of suspicion over what should be an honored organization that serves our military men and women. And kudos to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals for restoring a fiscal measure of confidence in the judiciary. The VA is under investigation for possibly squandering $9 […]

Editorial: U.S. should lead in reducing emissions

Just when record heat and punishing storms are shriveling climate-change denial like ears of corn in a Dust Bowl-style drought, along comes news of a United Nations fiasco that was supposed to reduce heat-trapping emissions but has instead put more of them into the air — while putting huge profits into the pockets of those […]

Editorial: Bipartisanship could save Social Security

Here's one case where bipartisanship ruled in Washington, but with a very negative outcome. For three decades Social Security's payroll tax collections had been producing large surpluses — had is the operative word — taking in more money than needed for administrative costs and benefit payments, mainly to retirees and disabled adults. But rather than […]

Editorial: Football exciting sport, but filled with danger

If you're ready to play some football, make sure your safety gear fits properly, it's used properly and you pay close attention to the rules related to contact. One of our favorite sports can be dangerous, and it's attracting attention from those who want to protect us from ourselves. Lawmakers have already instituted rules by […]

Editorial: Kicking case could have been averted

The Albuquerque Police Department did the right thing in firing two officers after surveillance video became public that showed one officer kicking a suspect at least 10 times as the other held him down. But testimony in a hearing for one of the officers trying to get his job back reveals structural flaws in the […]

Abuses call for inquiry by Congress

Air Force leaders are moving forward with prosecutions and investigations related to sexual abuse and misconduct at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. Last month, Air Force prosecutors obtained a guilty verdict for Staff Sgt. Luis A. Walker on charges that he had illicit relationships with 10 women in basic training at Lackland. Along with the appointment […]

Editorial: Portales police plagued with problems

At first, problems reported at the Portales Police Department appeared barely beyond ordinary, the kinds of things many small-town law agencies face as they train officers with limited experience. But recently there have surfaced incidents of a far more serious nature: An officer had his wife with him when he crashed his police car running […]

Editorial: Congratulations, thanks belong to Doc Elder

Donald "Doc" Elder has brought multiple accolades to eastern New Mexico. The latest was announced this week: The Portales history professor by day is the Lone Star Conference Broadcaster of the Year. In June, Eastern New Mexico University's golden voice was named to the New Mexico Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame. We offer congratulations for […]

N.M. scientists’ work should be applauded

If you needed further proof that New Mexico is a hotbed for scientific research, here it is. This week six researchers with New Mexico ties will be among 96 U.S. researchers to receive the 2011 Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers, the highest honor awarded by the U.S. government to scientists and engineers […]

Editorial: Bogus reports shows NMFA lacks control

Ten of the 11-member New Mexico Finance Authority board are appointed by the governor. Four are members of Gov. Susana Martinez' own cabinet. The Authority's CEO, Rick May, served in her cabinet until assuming his NMFA post nearly a year ago. So you might think the Martinez administration would have had its ducks in a […]

Editorial: Longer prison sentences costly for states

J ails and prisons are there for a reason: to keep the public safe, to deter crime, bring a sense of justice and responsibility, and, hopefully, reform offenders. A new report suggests that cash-strapped states could save millions of dollars by reducing sentences for nonviolent crimes without risking an increase in crime. The numbers of […]

Editorial: Search for new police chief will take time

Portales is preparing to hire a new police chief for the first time in 19 years. It's nice to hear City Manager Tom Howell say the process may take months, that he'll select a committee to help sort through the applicants and their qualifications and that he doesn't care if the next chief comes from […]

Editorial: ID plan could disenfranchise potential voters

F or five days this month, Texas presented its best arguments for why its Voter ID law does not discriminate against minorities. The federal government offered its own critical assessment. The political nature of this national debate over access to the polls, which largely pits Republicans against Democrats, predictably resulted in widely divergent analyses. Before […]

Editorial: Keep teachers’ information confidential

What would you say if your employer was handing over your personal information — name, home address, home phone number, Social Security number and work experience — to a special interest group you didn't belong to so it could send you political mail? Welcome to the ranks of nonunion teachers employed by Albuquerque Public Schools. […]


Texas, one of 27 states that opposed the federal health care act in court, actually won something from the Supreme Court's decision (last month) upholding the legislation. The court sided with Texas in preserving a state's right to refuse what would have been a forcible expansion of Medicaid to cover low-income people not already covered […]

Editorial: Legislators must keep public’s business public

R epublican and Democratic leaders of the New Mexico Legislature maintain they don't have to comply with the state's Inspection of Public Records Act — at least when it comes to conducting state business on their personal email addresses. Why? Because legislators are different. Way to work across the aisle for a change. This rare […]

Editorial: Supreme Court upholding our right to know

"Transparency is an essential feature of the relationship between the people and their government." — N.M. Supreme Court Justice Patricio Serna, in an opinion written for the court Last week the state's highest court made an important — and unanimous — decision limiting who can claim, and what can be kept from the public under […]

Editorial: Atom bomb’s history should be preserved

Bipartisan legislation has been introduced in the U.S. House and in the U.S. Senate to create the Manhattan Project National Historical Park. Approval would establish a park with sites in Tennessee, New Mexico and Washington state to preserve, interpret and make accessible the buildings, locations and artifacts related to the building of the atomic bomb. […]