Jail personnel needs should be reviewed

Roosevelt County commissioners recently rejected a request to increase nursing services at the jail. The idea of detention officers passing out medication is somewhat off-putting, but more importantly we are not convinced the only solution is to double taxpayers' monthly costs, as proposed. Detention Center Administrator David Casanova said two of his officers spend about […]

Editorial: Terms for teachers’ strike to be finalized soon

Word is the Chicago teachers will actually teach this week and not continue their picket line charade parades of the past week while parents of the city's 350,000 public school students had to scramble to arrange temporary child care or miss work.Terms of the proposed four-year contract reportedly are being finalized this weekend, say officials […]

Editorial: Respect for all result of Portales prayer decision

Thank you, Mike Doerr, for showing respect to everyone involved in Portales City League Sports. His decision to ban coach-led prayer at games is not only a wise legal move, it's the right thing to do. We've seen the Facebook comments from those who claim the city is "taking God out of everything," but we […]

Postal Service has no business in advertising

An editorial from the National Newspaper Association: The newspaper business — both small and large papers — has sounded full-throated opposition this past month about a plan by the U.S. Postal Service to purposely entice advertising out of the newspaper so ads can be placed instead with USPS favored stakeholder Valassis Inc., which bought direct […]

Editorial: New technology will aid cancer treatments

The University of New Mexico Cancer Center is adding a new tool to its kit to diagnose and fight cancer. This fall the center will be among the first of a small number of sites worldwide to acquire a technology that can sequence an entire human genome in half a day for about $1,000. Whole […]

Editorial: Shortage of doctors scary reality

Consider it a perfect storm of supply not meeting demand. Not only does Medicare reimburse doctors about 45 percent of what commercial insurance pays, but an estimated 78 million baby boomers — Americans born between 1946 and 1964 — will be joining the Medicare rolls in the next 20 years. And if a recent survey […]

Always nice to see spotlight shine on New Mexico

"Growing up, I never imagined a girl from a border town could one day become a governor. But this is America. Y, en America todo es posible." — Gov. Susana Martinez, speaking at the Republican National Convention Political affiliations or beliefs aside, we were proud of our governor as she used her prime-time spot at […]

Authorities should throw book at ethically challenged horse trainers

Jess A Zoomin should have run in Monday's $2.4 million All American Futurity at Ruidoso Downs. But instead of racing for one of the sport's richest purses, the 2-year-old sorrel gelding had to be euthanized on Aug. 17 after breaking down at a race at the Ruidoso track. Jess A Zoomin had been the second-fastest […]

Editorial: Congress failing to stop next recession

There's not only another recession on the horizon, but your U.S. Congress is helping put it there. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office predicted recently that continued inaction on tax and spending policy by Congress "would lead to economic conditions in 2013 that will probably be considered a recession." Bush-era tax rates are set to expire […]

Editorial: Here’s to heroes and entrepreneurs in Clovis, Portales

Why name our streets after things or events few people either have heard of or remember today, when we can name them after local heroes from our past? We salute Cannon Air Force Base officials who this week changed the name of the base's Trident Avenue, which runs past the 27th Special Operations Wing headquarters, […]

Editorial: DWI laws need to be enforced, not increased

What happened to Aileen Smith as she drove through New Mexico on one of the happiest journeys in a woman's life is a mind-numbing tragedy. But adding to the state's DWI laws in the name of getting tough on repeat offenders won't prevent the same tragedy from happening to someone else — unless and until […]

Editorial: Act proposes making bison national mammal

It's easy to think of things more important for Congress to do than designate a U.S. National Mammal, but McCook, Neb., residents should take more than a passing interest in a proposal that is gaining speed. Make that, as proponents describe it, turning into a stampede. U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry and Sen. Mike Johanns of […]

Time to steer public toward natural gas use

There's a fancy term for what would fix much of what ails the nation's until recently booming natural gas industry: market equilibrium. There's too much gas and not enough demand. Clearly, what's called for are Goldilocks prices for natural gas. Not too high. Not too low. Just right. Above all, predictably stable. We can dream. […]

Editorial: Veterans group needs to learn responsibility

Shame on the Department of Veterans Affairs for drawing a cloud of suspicion over what should be an honored organization that serves our military men and women. And kudos to the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals for restoring a fiscal measure of confidence in the judiciary. The VA is under investigation for possibly squandering $9 […]

Editorial: U.S. should lead in reducing emissions

Just when record heat and punishing storms are shriveling climate-change denial like ears of corn in a Dust Bowl-style drought, along comes news of a United Nations fiasco that was supposed to reduce heat-trapping emissions but has instead put more of them into the air — while putting huge profits into the pockets of those […]

Editorial: Bipartisanship could save Social Security

Here's one case where bipartisanship ruled in Washington, but with a very negative outcome. For three decades Social Security's payroll tax collections had been producing large surpluses — had is the operative word — taking in more money than needed for administrative costs and benefit payments, mainly to retirees and disabled adults. But rather than […]

Editorial: Football exciting sport, but filled with danger

If you're ready to play some football, make sure your safety gear fits properly, it's used properly and you pay close attention to the rules related to contact. One of our favorite sports can be dangerous, and it's attracting attention from those who want to protect us from ourselves. Lawmakers have already instituted rules by […]

Editorial: Kicking case could have been averted

The Albuquerque Police Department did the right thing in firing two officers after surveillance video became public that showed one officer kicking a suspect at least 10 times as the other held him down. But testimony in a hearing for one of the officers trying to get his job back reveals structural flaws in the […]

Abuses call for inquiry by Congress

Air Force leaders are moving forward with prosecutions and investigations related to sexual abuse and misconduct at Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland. Last month, Air Force prosecutors obtained a guilty verdict for Staff Sgt. Luis A. Walker on charges that he had illicit relationships with 10 women in basic training at Lackland. Along with the appointment […]

Editorial: Portales police plagued with problems

At first, problems reported at the Portales Police Department appeared barely beyond ordinary, the kinds of things many small-town law agencies face as they train officers with limited experience. But recently there have surfaced incidents of a far more serious nature: An officer had his wife with him when he crashed his police car running […]