Editorial: Take moment to remember pilot’s heroics

In an age when remotely piloted aircraft are the hot topic, we welcomed this week's reminder to air travelers and their families that pilots on board commercial aircraft can mean the difference in surviving crises. We are not talking about the miraculous Hudson River landing in New York City in 2009, where US Airways Capt. […]

Editorial: Obama taking too much credit for Osama raid

Try as we might, we are unable to picture Franklin D. Roosevelt, Harry Truman or Dwight D. Eisenhower spiking the ball at the end of World War II. The image of George H.W. Bush doing an end-zone dance in celebration of evicting Iraqi invaders from Kuwait in under 100 hours is equally hard to imagine. […]

Clinton, LBJ mastered art of compromise

Few political observers have compared the 42nd president of the United States with the 36th. But what former President Bill Clinton intoned last week at West Texas A&M University well might have brought back memories of the late President Lyndon Johnson. It is this, quite simply: Rigid ideology must not stop progress on behalf of […]

Editorial: Plenty of blame to go around at Portales PD

Portales Mayor Sharon King sees a review of the Portales Police Department as a "positive thing." Police Chief Jeff Gill contends, "The only issue I've found in this deal was that there was old evidence that needed to be destroyed and wasn't." We don't believe that is a true or complete assessment unless they were […]

Editorial: Republicans can still embrace DREAM Act

After a depressing two years in which Arizona and South Carolina passed draconian anti-immigrant laws — and Republican presidential candidates missed nary an opportunity to back their hardline stances — comes some hope for bipartisan progress. Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, one of his party's rising stars, a man thought to be a contender to […]

Editorial: U.S. 70 work long time to do, but worth wait

Reality sets in when road construction folks tell Portales residents to buckle up. The $8.3 million, 18-month project through Portales proper will begin in less than three weeks. On May 14, the sorely needed reconstruction of the timeworn four-lane highway that dissects the community will begin. It will include jackhammers tearing out old concrete in […]

Teens deserve to be informed of options

We know that the only sure defense against teenagers becoming pregnant is abstinence. Steering clear of intercourse also is the only foolproof way to avoid sexually transmitted diseases. The Daily Republic printed an Associated Press story noting that teen birth rates have declined again in the United States. According to the report, the 2010 rate […]

Jury holds campaign ad makers accountable

At times it seems nothing could possibly be shocking anymore when it comes to American politics. Sure, it's easy to turn on cable news talk programs and see Rachel Maddow, Ann Coulter, James Carville or Bill O'Reilly work themselves into a lather over something they absolutely can't believe came out of the mouth of a […]

Arrest presents opportunity for justice

No matter who says what in today's world of instant commentary, no one really knows whether George Zimmerman committed a crime Feb. 26, or if he was defending himself when he killed Florida teenager Trayvon Martin. And no matter whose side is more vocal, the American justice system rightly will decide Zimmerman's fate. Zimmerman, a […]

Editorial: Message behind Easter can inspire us all

The Gospel of Mark tells us three women approached the tomb of Jesus intending to anoint his body with spices. Along the way, they wondered how they might move the large, heavy stone from the tomb's entrance. No worry — on arrival they found the stone had been rolled away. "As they entered the tomb, […]

Walker should stay as Wisconsin governor

Few people should be surprised that a recent poll of Wisconsin Republicans shows 82 percent of them approve of embattled GOP Gov. Scott Walker. Or that the state's liberals — led by Democrats and their union labor leaders who create smear and fear in equal measure — have targeted him in a June 5 recall […]

Elections best avenue to settle contested issues

One way or another, it looks as if Oklahoma is headed for a personhood law. It won't, however, be without a not-unexpected fight. The Center for Reproductive Rights has filed a lawsuit that, if successful, would prevent a vote of the people in November that would declare that "personhood" begins at conception. The petition is, […]

Candidates should consider Johnson’s ideas

New Mexico remembers Gary Johnson as the two-term governor, 1995-2003, who vetoed more legislative bills than maybe all 49 other governors. By his count Johnson signed more than 750 vetoes. That left the state's Democrats and Republicans frustrated by what they thought of as gridlock rather than good government. We typically agreed with Johnson's assessment. […]

Supreme Court hearings should be broadcast

Even by U.S. Supreme Court standards, this week's hearings on President Obama's health reform act are a historical milestone. It's arguably the biggest case the court has addressed in decades. Sadly — and despite passionate, polarized national interest — only about 300 people each day witnessed these hearings live. With due respect to news reports, […]

Track officials should address safety concerns

The nation's horse-racing industry could become a ward of the federal government due to reported safety concerns involving its golden egg, the horses. Five of seven tracks at the head of this safety shortfall list are in New Mexico. The New York Times recently reported an average of 24 horses die each week at U.S. […]

Parental involvement needed for progress

Hearing state legislators express the same frustrations many of us have about our struggling public schools system is not surprising. Now if only they could either figure out the solution to fix the problems or, our preference, get the state out of the way so more parents can take a crack at it. Education dominated […]

As need grew, so did giving to United Way

In the spirit of individuality, how do we demonstrate generosity to those in need? Unquestionably, routinely, the people of this region open their hearts and their wallets and checkbooks. Nowhere outside of church collection baskets is this generosity more evident than the annual United Way of Eastern New Mexico fundraising campaign. Serving people needing help […]