Club notes — Jan. 31

Friends of the Library Longtime local educator and author Agapito “Pete” Trujillo will be reading from his book “Hispanics of Roosevelt County: A History” at the next meeting of the Friends of the Portales Public Library scheduled for 12 noon, Thursday, Feb. 4, in the meeting room at the Portales Public Library, 218 S. Avenue […]

Shelburne: Setting record straight not cheap

Opinion One of the folks running for president just sent me a nice note. That’s something that doesn’t happen every day. No, it’s now actually about every other day that I find notes in my email in-box from several presidential candidates. Better make that “candidates for president” since they’re not all, in my opinion, particularly […]

Brandon: Build life on Jesus, the rock

Opinion News last week has reported that cliff side tenants in Pacifica, California, are being coerced into evacuating their homes because the ground outside their back doors is caving into the sea. A state of emergency has been issued and residents are warned to get out before they slip into the sea below. At young […]

Terry: Finally faced my fears

I’m happy to report that I recently went to see the movie “The Revenant” starring Leonardo DiCaprio and I haven’t had a bear attack nightmare since seeing it. Knowing that the rare nightmares that I ever have usually involve being attacked by either a bear or mountain lion, my wife said she was proud to […]

Hartsfield: Y2K fashions coming back

The latest fashion headline that caught my attention was a feature on by Marjon Carlos that talked about fashions from the early 2000s. Word is that the fashions are back. This article touched closed to home because this was around the time when I really first started to pay attention to fashion. I would […]

Borden: Cooking with figs on upcoming show

Information on making kids’ costumes, preparing snack bars and power bars, and using specialty stamps to make a quilt will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. and on Thursday at noon. (All times are Mountain.) If you like to make Halloween costumes or play clothes for your kids, you’ll […]

Senior calendar — Jan. 24

Baxter Curren Senior Center 908 Hickory, Clovis Monday: 8 a.m. quilting; 10 a.m. beginner’s line dance; 1 p.m. pinochle; social night Tuesday: 8 a.m. quilting; 10 a.m. beginner’s line dance; 1 p.m. pinochle; 6 p.m. jam session Wednesday: 9 a.m. sew days; 1 p.m. crafts; Thursday: 8 a.m. eggs, gravy and biscuits $4; 1 p.m. […]

School menus — Jan. 24

Clovis Elementary Monday: Breakfast- Breakfast pizza. Lunch- Oriental chicken, steamed rice, garden salad, mini carrots with ranch, assorted fresh fruit. Tuesday: Breakfast- Donut. Lunch- BBQ chicken sandwich, baked french fries, veggie cup with ranch dressing, raisinets. Wednesday: Breakfast- Mini pancakes. Lunch- Soft taco, salsa, seasoned pinto beans, corn, orange smiles. Thursday: Breakfast- Bean burrito. Lunch- […]

Club notes — Jan. 24

Portales Kiwanis Int’l During the last Kiwanis International meeting, Dr. Bob Elliott delivered a compelling program highlighting his travels throughout Asia and a new member became official. A professor of social work, Stephen Melby was inducted into our local KI club. Previously involved with KI of Albuquerque, he especially enjoys the ‘brotherhood’ aspect of connecting […]

Students honor MLK

Staff Photo: Crystal Mondragon
Dani Rodriguez, in 11th grade at Clovis High School, is the high school poster  winner.

Editor’s note: Following are the MLK essay and poster winners as determined by Clovis’ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. commission. First place high school MLK essay: Megan West Clovis High School 11th grade Every student across the nation has heard his name. Every year has a day that honor his life. Every citizen of the […]

Shelburne: Worst spiritual disease ‘thinking one is well’

Opinion In G. K. Chesterton’s “Father Brown” stories, Father Brown is a curious and engaging little priest who often finds himself cast in the unlikely role of detective. In one story, a friend visiting with Father Brown is describing to the clergyman a strange new religion, one of the popular sort that in 2016 is […]

Clovis native likes people, animals, Raiders

Staff photo: D’Nieka Hartsifield
Martinez is the supervisor at the Animal Control Department for the City of Clovis.

Martin Martinez was born and raised in Clovis and graduated from Clovis High School. He and wife Anna Martinez will celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in July 2016. They have one grandchild through marriage and are expecting their first grandchild in March. Martinez started a career in the cement business, working for Vela’s Concrete for […]

Terry: Wonder what social media’s like in afterlife

If we could talk with the dead, what would their reaction be to the ways we communicate these days? If somewhere in an alternate universe my grandparents and great-grandparents are somehow connected, how do I contact them? Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, LinkedIn or would I need to hit them on Facetime, Skype or just simple […]

Hartsfield: Globes first style preview of year

The 73rd Golden Globes Awards aired exactly one week ago today and, even though I didn’t tune in to watch the red carpet arrivals, I got a glimpse of some fashion favorites on my favorite online sources. The 2016 Golden Globes was the first major fashion moment of the year. Award season, and any other […]

Borden: Butterball spokesperson teaches Butterball 101

Information on painting papier mache caricatures, cooking turkey and ridding your home of dust mites will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. and on Thursday at noon. (All times are Mountain.) Artist and crafter Dana Pomroy has a unique line of animal caricatures made from papier mache. She will […]

Club notes — Jan. 17

Altrusa Club of Portales The Altrusa club of Portales met on Jan. 11 at noon in the Zia Room at the Central Annex. President Cozetta Moore called the meeting to order at 12:10 p.m. and the opening ceremonies were conducted. The minutes were approved. There were 21 members and 2 guests present. Moore drew for […]

School menus — Jan. 17

Clovis Elementary Monday: No School- Martin Luther King Jr. Tuesday: Breakfast- Chicken biscuit. Lunch- Turkey and cheese wrap, sweet potato fries, veggie potato fries, veggie dippers and ranch, assorted fresh fruit. Wednesday: Breakfast- French toast. Lunch- Homemade cheese and bean burrito, salsa, celery sticks with ranch dressing, applesauce. Thursday: Breakfast- Muffin and string cheese. Lunch- […]

Senior calendar — Jan. 17

Baxter Curren Senior Center 908 Hickory, Clovis Monday: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Closed. Tuesday: 8 a.m. quilting; 10 a.m. beginner’s line dance; 1 p.m. pinochle; 6 p.m. jam session Wednesday: 9 a.m. sew days; 1 p.m. crafts Thursday: 8 a.m. eggs, gravy and biscuits $4; 1 p.m. bingo; 6 p.m. line dance Friday: 8 […]

Shelburne: What happened to the Christmas shepherds?

Christmas is over. Not just the day, but the real twelve-day season. (I’m writing on January 6, Epiphany — think God’s light, the star, gentiles, wise men.) Last night at home our decorations started coming down. This evening we’ll pack away more of the seasonal beauty as our sweet, warm little church will be undecorated […]

Law officer a sports buff

Courtesy photo
Wattenbarger is the Director for the City of Portales/Roosevelt County Emergency Management.

Keith Wattenbarger was born in San Pedro, California, while his father was stationed at Fort MacArthur Air Force Base. He was raised in Carson, California, where he played football. After high school he attended Long Beach City College and played football there, as well. In 1983, Wattenbarger was recruited to ENMU to play football and […]