Help needed — April 26

Mary Helen Urioste is asking for donations to offset the cost of building onto her home to accommodate the required equipment for her 16-year-old grandson, who suffered a brain stem stroke caused by a blood mutation. An account has been set up in his name, Antonio M. Aragon, at Western Bank in Clovis, telephone number […]

Cooking for longevity on upcoming show

Information on working with hearty clay, cooking for longevity and using figs in popular food trends will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” on Tuesday, at 9:30 p.m. and on Thursday at noon. Dianna Effner is a designer of doll molds, and she will show several dolls and other items made from Hearty Clay. […]

Don’t see competitive eating in my future

By now you’ve probably heard of little Molly Schuyler. Mother of four, just 120 pounds and knows how to put away the beef steak. Schuyler, who is a “competitive eater,” set the Big Texan Steak Ranch title for a record time eating its 72-ounce steak. That’s the eatery along Route 66 that made Amarillo famous. […]

Reunion — April 26

Wheatland School reunion is 8 a.m. May 23 at the Senior Citizens Building on Main and Jefferson streets across from the Baptist Church in Grady. This is an all school reunion — also for friends and family who want to visit old friends. For lunch, please bring a covered dish. Donations will be taken to […]

Specialist keeps herself, career in shape

Staff photo: D'Nieka Hartsfield
Linda Casaus at her office inside the district court building located at 700 N. Main St. in Clovis.

Linda Casaus was born and raised in Clovis. She graduated from Clovis High School in 1998. Casaus describes herself a very outdoors person. She enjoys skiing, gardening and barbecuing among many other activities. Casaus sold insurance for seven years at Allstate before she began working at the court offices in 2006. Casaus lost her mother, […]

Club notes — April 26

Encanto Garden Club Encanto Garden Club met April 8 at Muffley’s Back Door. Brunch was provided by Navie Jucker and Barbara Voges. The nine attending members brought plants for exchange with each other. Annual dues were paid. Loyce Hodges gave a report on the 50 Easter arrangements given to all residents of St. Anthony Nursery […]

Earth Day important to me

What are your reasons for believing that Earth Day, and its message of ecological awareness, are important? Perhaps I am jumping the gun; perhaps you are not among those who believe this to be true. At any rate, here are some of my own reasons, as we have just passed the annual April day of […]

Spring good for seasonal clothing mixing

Although the weather has been a little bit challenging, I always look forward to springtime. In the spring, you get to express your best styles because the weather is perfect for sampling all seasonal clothing from your very own wardrobe. Some days are cooler than others and so you get to throw on a sweater […]

On the shelves — April 26

The following books are available for check-out at: Clovis-Carver Public Library The Medical Book: From Witch Doctors to Robot Surgeons, 250 Milestones in the History of Medicine by Clifford Pickover lists chronologically such diverse topics as the Hippocratic Oath, human cloning, general anesthesia, and the role of war and violence in accelerating the pace of […]

Senior calendar — April 26

Baxter Curren Senior Center 908 Hickory, Clovis Monday: 10 a.m. Jewelry Pals; 1 p.m. line dance, pinochle; 2 p.m. beginning line dance; 5 p.m. social night Tuesday: 8 a.m. quilting; 1 p.m. pinochle; 6 p.m. musical Wednesday: 10 a.m. Sew Days; 1 p.m. crafts Thursday: 8 a.m. blood pressure; 8 a.m. eggs, gravy and biscuits […]

School menus — April 26

Clovis elementary Monday: Breakfast — Breakfast pizza. Lunch — Oriental chicken, steamed rice, garden salad, mini carrots, assorted fresh fruit. Tuesday: Breakfast — Cinnamon roll. Lunch — Chicken sandwich, baked French fries, veggie cup w/ranch, raisels. Wednesday: Breakfast — Mini pancakes. Lunch — Soft taco, seasoned pinto beans, salsa, corn, orange smiles. Thursday: Breakfast — […]

Shelburne: A little faith is sometimes all you need

Fear and faith. Both color our journey in this life. I hope we know ourselves well enough to just frankly admit that it’s no rare occasion when the former threatens to swamp the latter. It’s nothing new. In Mark 6:45-52, the disciples of Christ have gotten into a boat on the Sea of Galilee to […]

Choir will accompany bird song at Hillcrest Zoo

By Aubry Buzek Staff Writer A church choir will accompany the symphony of bird and animal sounds at the Hillcrest Park Zoo this weekend. The Central Baptist Church “His Voices” choir is presenting a one-hour “Creation Celebration” concert 3 p.m. Sunday at a pavilion near the tiger exhibit. Admission to the zoo will be […]

Our People: Living on the right track

Mark Bryant with Ricky Smith, left, and Larry Perez, center. He describes his colleagues as the best leaders he has ever known.

Mark Bryant was born and raised in Clovis. He graduated from Clovis High School in 1976. Growing up in eastern New Mexico, Bryant worked various jobs. He worked for a department store at the Hilltop Plaza and he was a paperboy for the Clovis News Journal. Bryant also did work for the post office and […]

Terry: Don’t know what you’ve got until lightning strikes

Sometimes we seek out the latest cool thing and other times it comes unexpectedly. My new computer is a good example. I really hadn’t entertained upgrading my computer until last fall when the lightning struck near my home, so close it made a terrible pop in the back of the nearly 10 year-old machine on […]

Davis: Thinking prom again

Prom season is once again upon us. As was true last year, I have the opportunity to take the most beautiful woman in the world to prom, and have a great time under the guise of chaperoning the event. However much we may believe that today’s high school student is immersed in technology and immune […]

Nieka Style: Weather, dirt can’t stop good style

Dressing can be tricky when you work a job where you occasionally get a little dirty. Take for instance, a journalist’s tasks can be pretty demanding. If you’re a reporter, than you have the typical stories or community meetings to cover. So, in most cases, the office space requires a business casual look. But then […]

Creative Living — April 19

Information on preparing salads, travel tips and an online resource for living gluten-free will be the featured topics on “Creative Living” on Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. and on Thursday at noon. Connie Moyers represents Mrs. Cubbison’s Kitchens and she’s going to talk about the abundant selection of pre-packaged salads now available in most supermarkets, as […]

Reunions — April 19

Clovis High School A reunion for Clovis High School classes that graduated 1980-1989 will be June 19-20. Ticket are $35 per person and will pay for: Friday — 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., “Back to the Good Old Days,” dragging main with food and drinks Saturday — 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., Casel-Land for putt-putt […]

On the Shelves — April 19

The following books are available for checkout: Clovis-Carver Public Library The Day Kennedy Died: 50 Years Later Life Remembers the Man and the Moment by the editors of Life Magazine revisits personal and political events that took place 50 years ago and the horrifying tragedy on one unforgettable day that changed America. The Escape by […]