Their view: GOP’s top-down approach must change

John Billingsley is 1st vice chairman of the Republican Party of New Mexico. Here's a snippet from his recent column on post-election strategy: Election Day was a tough one for Republicans. It was tough for our candidates, our volunteers and Gov. Martinez. Despite an investment of nearly $3 million by the governor and her related […]

Letters to the Editor – Nov. 21

Conservatives lost election, not minds A comment on David Kilby's letter last week regarding climate change: Kilby sorely misrepresented the issue at hand. The guy probably still sports a Gore-Lieberman bumper sticker on his electric car. The controversy over climate change isn't whether or not it exists, but rather the ridiculous, arrogant claim that it […]

Evaluation needed for unbiased information

What do Hurricane Sandy and the election have in common? Our need to understand the difference between opinions and facts, and what are reliable sources of the latter. Although no single storm is evidence for climate change, the recent storms and our ongoing drought (and more importantly, mountains of data on temperatures, glaciers, sea levels), […]

Freedoms trampled in the dirt

Sharon Faulkner of Portales mailed pieces of a voter registration card inside the envelope that also contained this letter: Well, another fake "election" — driven by corruption, voter fraud, over 20 million illegals and a paper-trained Party, rank and file, and Rubber Mouth gets another four years of uncontrolled dictatorship. So, now we have Obamacare, […]

Letters to the editor: Train station sign not accurate

While visiting in Portales a few days ago, I read the new sign in front of the Post Office about the train station. It is a very nice sign, but not entirely correct. It states the depot closed when the final passenger train ran in 1965. The depot remained open for freight customers until 1988. […]

Republicans to blame for the economic issues

Let's look at talking points vs. facts: Deficit — The deficit is composed primarily of tax cuts for the rich, two wars paid for by borrowing, a recession brought on by deregulation of the financial industry and non-enforcement of remaining regulations. The consensus of opinion of non-partisan experts is that longterm the deficit has to […]

Bond B provides money to library support

As president of the Friends of the Portales Public Library president, I would like to encourage local voters to support General Obligation Bond B on the general election ballot. GO Bond B will provide money to support all of the libraries in Roosevelt County, including the Portales Public Library, Eastern New Mexico University's Golden Library, […]

Their view: Agroecology offers sustainable food output

Ken Wilson is executive director of The Christensen Fund, which seeks to integrate biological and cultural diversity. Here's a snippet from a recent column suggesting a better way to feed the world: Worldwide, a billion people go hungry. A similar number over-eat the wrong foods. And yet one-third of food produced for human consumption is […]

Letters to the editor: New Mexico vote still important

The fact that everyone has written off the state of New Mexico as a blue state infuriates me. By doing this, they are telling New Mexicans their vote is unimportant because the outcome has already been decided. I am afraid many people will feel it is useless to go to the polls. I don't believe […]

Muslim group slaughters our views and beliefs

I am writing this today because I was outraged at what was in our local paper on Sept. 23. We are losing our freedom to pray and speak of God, Jesus and the Christian faith. This is what our country was founded on. Then, we see a full page story on the Muslim faith in […]