Bond B provides money to library support

As president of the Friends of the Portales Public Library president, I would like to encourage local voters to support General Obligation Bond B on the general election ballot. GO Bond B will provide money to support all of the libraries in Roosevelt County, including the Portales Public Library, Eastern New Mexico University's Golden Library, […]

Their view: Agroecology offers sustainable food output

Ken Wilson is executive director of The Christensen Fund, which seeks to integrate biological and cultural diversity. Here's a snippet from a recent column suggesting a better way to feed the world: Worldwide, a billion people go hungry. A similar number over-eat the wrong foods. And yet one-third of food produced for human consumption is […]

Letters to the editor: New Mexico vote still important

The fact that everyone has written off the state of New Mexico as a blue state infuriates me. By doing this, they are telling New Mexicans their vote is unimportant because the outcome has already been decided. I am afraid many people will feel it is useless to go to the polls. I don't believe […]

Muslim group slaughters our views and beliefs

I am writing this today because I was outraged at what was in our local paper on Sept. 23. We are losing our freedom to pray and speak of God, Jesus and the Christian faith. This is what our country was founded on. Then, we see a full page story on the Muslim faith in […]

Letter to the editor: Government regulation needed to protect markets

Recently when Ben Bernanke announced the Federal Reserve's position on the economy, the radical conservatives and Romney went ballistic. The approved conservative game plan is to do nothing that might give Obama credit, regardless of whether or not it is good for the country. The conservative policy to address our recession is tax cuts and […]

Their view: Appeasing aggressors not a solution

Political science Professor Marvin Folkertsma offered these words as part of a column for the Center for Vision & Values. It's a historical reminder for those willing to appease aggressors: In September 1938 the British prime minister had a problem. The Third Reich's psychopath-in-chief was scorching the airwaves in one of his trademark rants, this […]

Their view: Teaching to the middle no longer acceptable

Colin Taylor, superintendent of San Jon schools, offers this view on students and learning: Many times schools, teachers, administrators, parents, community members and others focus on things that have nothing to do with student learning. You can have the most advanced technology, best school building, and cutting edge textbooks, but that doesn't mean student learning […]

Letter to the editor: Public prayer Constitutional right

I take issue with Friday's editorial headlined "Respect for all result of prayer decision." Not allowing any group of Christians the right to pray is a violation of the freedom of religion clause of the First Amendment, which reads: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." […]

Their view: News program showed poor taste

Portales News-Tribune Circulation Director Robert Arrowsmith writes a blog at: walkthisway. Here's his post from Tuesday: There is not much that fazes me. It takes quite a bit to shock me, to make the heart skip a beat anymore. The tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001, surprised me. It stunned me, and it shocked me […]

Their view: No need to close Curry Road R

I attended the Aug. 21 meeting at which Curry County commissioners voted to close Curry Road R just west of Cannon Air Force Base. Among the reasons cited for closing the road were security and safety. Since the existence of Cannon Air Force Base, formerly known as Clovis Army Air Field, how many accidents on […]

Letter to the editor: Important to look at candidate’s history

When considering someone to fill a responsible position you have to carefully investigate their record. Let's look at GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan's record. He supported Bush tax cuts for the rich. The tax cuts account for about half the deficit. He opposes ending the cuts. The Congressional Budget Office could not analyze Ryan's […]

Their view: Ethanol mandate hurts cattle growers

Exceprts from a press release on waiving the Renewable Fuels Standard issued by the The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association. The Texas and Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association joined Texas Gov. Perry to call on the Environmental Protection Agency to waive all or part of the Renewable Fuels Standard. In a letter to Lisa Jackson, […]

Their view: Bishop urges prayers for American workers

This press release on American workers was issued by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops: People of faith stand with people who've been left behind and should seek economic renewal that makes workers and their families a central concern, according to the annual Labor Day statement from the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development […]

Their view: Clean energy advocates push for N.M. land use

A snippet from a press release from The Center for American Progress on renewable energy: The Center for American Progress this week released "The Vast Potential for Renewable Energy in the American West," an analysis projecting that the federal lands in New Mexico could house clean energy projects with the potential to harness more than […]

Their view: Leaking information endangers Americans

Allen E. Weh, a New Mexico businessman and retired Marine Corps colonel who ran for governor of New Mexico in 2010, offers this take on leaking classified information for apparent political gain. There should never be a time, but particularly now, that Americans should be forced to "Suffer Fools" when it comes to the people […]

Letter to the editor: Obama’s remarks insult Americans

President Obama insulted millions of business-owning Americans by stating that "somebody else made that happen," in a July 13 speech he gave in Roanoke, Va. He minimized the success of exceptional, smart, and hardworking people by saying there's a lot of smart/hardworking people out there (who aren't business owners). I'm sick and tired of his […]

Letter to the editor: “Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy”

Exodus 20 gives us this forgotten commandment, which begins with "Remember." This is the only one of the commandments that God must have believed we would forget. Verse 8 says: "Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy." What is the Sabbath day? The Sabbath day is the seventh day of the week. Genesis 2:2: […]

Their view: Health Care Act not suited for U.S.

In his Sunday's letter — "Old health care system was not working" — Leon Logan insinuates the Heritage Foundation backs the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It does not. Among cons their analysts cite: ACA adds 35 million Medicaid clients, increasing the federal deficit. CBO estimates a $1.2 trillion deficit by year 11. Actual cost unknown. […]

Their view: Obama undermines domestic energy industry

New Mexico Economic Development Secretary Jon Barela submitted this opinion on the cost of green energy: Were we sold a bill of goods on green energy? Not according to President Obama. If you believe the president, we are in the beginnings of a new age of clean, affordable energy, with millions of "green" jobs at […]

Their view: Licensing creates obstacles to opportunity

Robert Kramer, a communications associate with the Institute for Justice writes about licensing. Here is a sampling: As the July 4th holiday approaches, American's thoughts will rightfully turn to the freedoms we are supposed to enjoy. But consider two facts in that context: In the 1950s, roughly one in 20 American workers needed the government's […]