Group proposes airport updates

By Eamon Scarbrough STAFF WRITER Representatives from WHPacific went before the Portales City Council on Tuesday to propose an update of the Portales Municipal Airport action plan. The plan reviews the current condition of the airport and identifies improvements it needs to meet demands and Federal Aviation Administration guidelines. According to Beth Schatz of […]

Murder trial pushed back

David Smith

By Eamon Scarbrough STAFF WRITER In a Thursday pre-trial conference for David Smith, accused of first-degree murder, kidnapping and two counts of tampering with evidence, both the state and the defense requested the trial be pushed back. “Evidence so far is very limited,” said Jesse Cosby, Smith’s attorney. In addition to lack of evidence, […]

Pages past — Jan. 5

On this date … 2006: Portales school district voters had approved a tax increase with just 472 of 10,158 eligible voters participating. “I’m so disappointed that so few people turned out to vote,” County Clerk Janet Collins said. “Maybe people didn’t feel like it was an important issue, but it should be important to them […]

Brown: Barns are ultimate man-caves

Opinion “Man Caves” are in. Everywhere, there is decor and references to this relatively recently coined label for what, in olden times, was probably known as the garage. A place to go where you can enjoy the company of your friends and look at cool stuff. A place somewhere between a house and the outside. […]

Meetings watch — Feb. 5

Portales City Council The following was action taken at the Portales City Council meeting Tuesday in the Memorial Building: • The 2015 Employee of the Year Award was presented to Chief Procurement Officer Carla Weems on behalf of the council by Mayor King. “She’s really doing a fantastic job and we’re very glad to have […]

Warming trend back for weekend

STAFF REPORT According to the National Weather Service of Albuquerque, the light snowfall in Portales for a short period of time Tuesday night was not reported. The high temperature was 44 degrees and the low was 29, but no precipitation was recorded. Light showers on Monday went equally unreported for the city. The recorded high […]

Testimony: Montoya was ‘always alone’

By Alisa Boswell Managing editor Bullet shell casings and a honey-comb shoe pattern seemed to be the trend in Wednesday morning testimonies for the DeAngelo Montoya trial. The 18-year-old was accused of shooting and killing local college student Angel Vale in July 2010 when he was 13 years old. Wednesday marked the third day […]

Globetrotters bringing their A-game

By Eamon Scarbrough STAFF WRITER The Harlem Globetrotters return to Portales for their 90th anniversary next week before moving on to Albuquerque the next day. The Globetrotters, in addition to their famous entertaining basketball games, will also be doing a great deal of community outreach, according to Public Relations Manager Ruby Ramirez. “CHEER,” a […]

Musical puts new spin on classic tale

By Eamon Scarbrough STAFF WRITER The Eastern New Mexico University Music Department will be presenting their performance of the musical “The True Story of Cinderella” Feb. 11 through 14. The musical is a retelling of the folk tale “Cinderella,” in which some of the principle foundations of the original have been changed. According to […]

Pages past — Feb. 4

On this date … 1976: Heavy fog hung over Clovis and Portales, limiting visibility to zero at times. One automobile accident on West Brady in Clovis was blamed on the weather. “The fog was too thick. I couldn’t see anything,” said Bernard Baca, who lived at 808 Pierson. Baca was hospitalized in good condition, but […]

To do list — Feb. 4

Today • Teen program — 4:30 p.m. at Portales Public Library for ages 13-18. Activity: Origami fortunes. Information: 575-356-3940 • Preschool story time — 6 p.m. at Portales Public Library. Book: Peek A Boo. Information: 575-356-3940 • Friends of the Library meeting — Noon at the Portales Public Library. Agapito “Pete” Trujillo will be reading […]

Williamson: Ad sale lesson in local support

Opinion One afternoon during the 1977-78 school year, my friend Susan and I found ourselves sitting in front of the old Portales Livestock Commission, hoping to sell one more ad for the Dora school yearbook. Joe Rowley owned and operated the cow sale back in those days, and it ended up on our list because […]

Police patrols, checkpoints scheduled

Staff report The Portales Police Department announced Tuesday that Portales officers will be conducting DWI checkpoints and saturation patrols throughout the month of February and March within the city of Portales. For further information, call the police department at 575-356-4404 ext. 2022

Legislative roundup — Feb. 3

Days remaining in session: 15 Minimum wage Sen. Bill Soules, D-Las Cruces, has introduced a constitutional amendment to raise New Mexico’s statewide minimum wage of $7.50 an hour. The proposal calls for the minimum to increase on July 1, 2017 in an amount equal to the increase in the cost of living from 2009 through […]

Psychologist may testify in Montoya trial

By Alisa Boswell Managing editor Attorneys in the DeAngelo Montoya trial will be holding a hearing sometime this afternoon to determine if the testimony of a psychologist will be allowed in this week’s murder trial. Montoya, now 18, is accused of having shot and killed Portales college student Angel Vale in July 2010 at […]

Locals weigh in on Iowa caucus results

By David Stevens Editor Officially, the winners were Ted Cruz for the Republicans and Hillary Clinton for the Democrats. But Clinton’s victory over Bernie Sanders was by less than one percentage point. And Curry County Republican Chairman Rube Render said he believes at least four GOP presidential contenders can claim victory after Monday’s caucuses […]

Small business owner to be honored

By Kevin Wilson DEPUTY EDITOR Suzi Webb was well on her way to medical school, in the final stretches of biology and chemistry degrees from Eastern New Mexico University. But then life made her find a different plan. That was nearly 16 years ago, and the new plan has sustained itself as a small […]

Pages past — Feb. 3

On this date … 1976: An Albuquerque couple was reunited with their kidnapped infant at the hospital in Muleshoe. John Paul Norris, 10 days old, was taken from his Albuquerque home at gunpoint five days earlier. A Muleshoe woman, Eileen Lowe, was convicted of taking the child. She gained access to the Norris’ home by […]

Helena: I don’t believe in scary ghosts

Opinion I don’t believe in spooks, at least not in the way ghosts are shown in movies as evil, supernatural beings out to get you. Maybe they just want us to know we’re not alone, or to not forget them. Unexplainable things happen and, sometimes, that just may include unexplainable encounters with the unknown. I […]

Meetings watch — Feb. 3

Roosevelt County Commission The following was action taken at the Roosevelt County Commission meeting Tuesday morning in the county courthouse: • County Manager Amber Hamilton presented a review of the quarterly report, telling commissioners that the detention center overtime budget has been exceeded. “That can be offset, because we have room in their personnel budget,” […]