Time to put our differences aside

Stubborn Congressional liberals and my way or the highway tea party zealots are laying a heap of hurt on all of us. Hey, kids, it’s time to climb out of the sandbox. As this is being written the stock market is bouncing around like a deranged pogo stick. Business, the working stiff, retired folks. We […]

My turn: Important to stick to schedule

Hey kids, do you know what time it is?

Friday morning briefing: Jokes, cold beer and a cowboy

Good morning and welcome to the Freedom New Mexico Friday briefing. Video of the day Did you here the one about…hey, we’re just “Joking Around.” Question of the day The obvious one for a hot day — who has the coldest beer in your town? Join the chatter in the comment section below. You’re opinion […]

Quality of life more than just another buzzword

Janet Taylor-Birkey Quality of Life is a buzz phrase heard around the Air Force these days, but for those working to make a difference on behalf of Airmen and their families, they are more than just words. Working on behalf of military members and their families, former active-duty Air Force officer Dale Vande Hey, brings […]