April 13, 1962

The Eastern New Mexico University Board of Regents attended a scheduled meeting, notably not a special one brought on by the furor a week before. The previous week, ENMU president Donald C. Moyer cancelled a plan to bring an officer of the Communist Party of California to debate “Democracy vs Communism,” after receiving numerous disgruntled […]

Melrose dispatches Dora in 3-1A quarters

By Mickey Winfield, PNT Staff Writer While children were running house-to-house on Halloween night trick-or-treating, the Dora Coyotes and Melrose Buffaloes were battling game-to-game in the District 3-1A volleyball quarterfinals. After losing two of the first three games at home, Melrose won the fourth game and jumped out to a 9-0 lead in the tie-breaking […]

Africanized bees becoming bigger problem

By Karl Terry: PNT Managing Editor Problems with Africanized bees in Roosevelt County may be getting worse after a Portales woman was stung multiple times by bees in her back yard Tuesday. That bee incident, as well as a few others this year, are reason enough for residents to be cautious, but preliminary data on […]

Pest experts talk about Africanized bee concerns locally


By Tony Parra Bee experts, health officials and pest control workers want Portales and Clovis residents to be aware of a serious Africanized-bee problem in the area. Lewis Hightower and Bill Moyer of Southwest Pest Control said there is a possibility of even more bee incidents in Roosevelt and Curry counties than occurred last year. […]

Africanized bees found in Clovis

By William P. Thompson A Portales pest control company official said a sample of bees found in Clovis “in the middle of town” has tested positive as being a strain of Africanized or “killer” bees. Lewis Hightower, owner of Southwestern Pest Control, said the sample was tested at a U.S. Department of Agriculture facility in […]

Africanized bees confirmed in Roosevelt County

By Marc Schoder Africanized honey bees have been identified in Roosevelt County, according to a release from the New Mexico State University Cooperative Extension Service. “The colony was discovered in the wall of a house in the Causey-Lingo area,” said Bill Moyer, a local beekeeper. The bees attacked residents of the home, Moyer said, in […]