Software helps find online predators


Sharna Johnson It’s not the casual downloader they are targeting, or even the occasional person who blunders into dangerous territory on a peer-to-peer network. Instead they are hunting those who intentionally seek and collect or share child pornography. Using specially designed software based on geographical location, quantity and frequency, among other factors, they target users […]

Child predators can lurk anywhere

By Anita Tedaldi: PNT columnist I try not to judge someone when I first meet them, but I couldn’t help myself when I saw this man at my neighbor’s daughter’s birthday party. He looked scary. The neighbor introduced him as an ‘uncle.’ He had long white hair in a pony tail, blue eyes and a […]

Catching predators


Sharna Johnson, Freedom New Mexico “asl?” “He’s asking her age, sex and location,” the officer explained. “13f clovis,” the officer typed in response. “ur too young to be in a chat room. Do your parents know this?” the male responded. Laughing, the officers around the monitor said “atta-boy” to the screen and let the conversation […]