My turn: Using superpowers for good — mostly

I was watching an old television series about a superhero. The guy tells his partner, “I will only use my powers for good.” That sounds like a really good idea to me, but there might be times when we could get more use from those super powers. Can you imagine a “Dream Team” for the […]

My turn: Spiderman superhero of choice

There’s a reason superhero stories are such a huge entertainment venue. Along with being exciting adventure stories, they are also stories with moral lessons. I have been an avid Spiderman fan since I was 12 and have often been teased because as an adult, I still have Spiderman pajamas, coffee mugs and even a straw […]

Stevens fills “superhero” role as mother


Compiled by Laurie Stone Your name: Pam Stevens Your job: Secretary/ Education Director at Southside Church of Christ Your age (date of birth): 44 — Sept. 9, 1960 Your hometown: Roswell. Your family: Husband, Terry 44; Daughter, Carlee 14; Sons, Lane ,16, Shelby, 13 and Colton, 11. What do you think of Portales? “I love […]